Monday, 22 March 2010

Pet Pride - The Gang

Tia and Foxy are staying with us at the moment. Taking six dogs walking is great fun but not for the faint-hearted. It's quite difficult to get all the dogs in one frame. The Dalmatians are happy to stop when we stop and stand around or sniff about here and there. The Labradors are rarely still. If they're not retrieving a ball, they're picking up sticks - or digging them up - to carry - or playing chase - or simply jumping in the water for a cooling swim. However, we managed one group call yesterday.
From left: Buddy Liver Spots, Tia and Foxy behind him, Gus, Jenna, Frodo the Faller.
Thank you to Gattina for taking over this entertaining meme. To see more pets to be proud of please click here.


  1. Lol ! that must be great fun !
    My best friend had a dalmatian and now she has a black labrador, they are such friendly dogs !

  2. Taking all of them together out, I can not dare to imagine it.

  3. as I look at the photo I can hear the dogs saying "which way do we go? which way do we go?"


  4. That sounds like fun! The photo is great-gettting them all in is a feat in itself and they all look really excited so it must have been even harder!

  5. Thank you all! It is great fun taking them out. It's very noisy in the car on our way to the forest; our visiting dogs, Tia and Foxy - our grand-dogs you might say, are particularly noisy, but it's blissfully quiet on the way back and for the rest of the day ;-)

  6. Well, you did manage to them into one shot! Good for you!

  7. That looks like such a lot of fun. I feel like getting into the middle of them and rolling in the mud -- if I had the right clothes on of course. I think being in the middle of a muddle of dogs, even in a puddle would be hilarious! (Shades of yesterday's nonsense poems here.)

  8. I know this is way late but I love the photos of the flying ears! They're much more fun when they're uncontrollable!


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