Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Magpie Tales #71 Pipefish

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 Endeavor, Lino Tagliapietra, Columbus Museum of Art


Pipefish swim in seas or aquaria, 
Sea-horses too, delight our eyes; 
In fishy realms they’re father and carer,  
Gentle nursemaids in bright disguise.

Be aware they have a much darker side -
If they mate a female who’s ugly
They won’t feed the babes and when they have died
They’ll seek out a beauty quite smugly. 

And so evolution continues apace –
The fittest survive, that’s the law;
Not only the strong, the comeliest face
Is chosen, is honoured, therefore.

(For more information on Pipefish abortion, please see here.)


  1. oh the price of beauty...we tend to eat our ugly as well...

  2. Beautiful poem. I never knew that about Sea Horses!

    Ellie Garratt

  3. I didn't know that either wow that is awful. Beautiful poem though, very affecting

  4. You and they are mean.

    What happens when beauty and comeliness disappear into an aged visage? Besides, you are causing laughter lines. That's not fair either.

  5. Male abortions. Fascinating, Janice. Who would ever have imagined such a thing? What I'd want to know, however, is why they mated with the ugly one in the first place? Males can't wait? Then they think "oops"?

  6. Brian - really??
    Ellie - nor did I until I checked them out;-)
    mindlovemisery - that's life!! (or death;-))
    Friko - I speak as I find . . .
    Kay - when the offering is there, who thinks?? Better a poor generation than none;-)

  7. Fun poem AND educational? Well done! I think this prompt has brought out some of the most varied and interesting magpies . . .

  8. Very interesting. I read that some scientists put a red ribbon on a seagull and the other seagulls killed it. I suppose it is natures way of keeping out mutants like the X Men.

  9. I never knew about Pipefish. I guess there are no ugly males in their society? Seems a bit one sided to me-LOL! I enjoyed your poem though...

  10. Susan - I think you may be right:-)
    Belle - yes!
    Susan - it makes a change from the females deciding who makes the cut (except in human society of course!)

  11. whatmakes an ugly seahorse? a face a bit human-like? how do we know it is ugliness the sea-stallions are basing their decisions on - perhaps the unfavoured mares smell fishy ...

  12. Not exactly the ideal father figure.

    I never knew that about Pipefish, very interesting information.

  13. Intriguing! You make good use of it in your poem. Excellently done.

  14. Who knew Pipefish were so picky?

  15. Isabel - LOL!! As with many things, it's size that matters. The males prefer larger females . . .
    Squirrel Queen - at least the female never (presumably) realises her offering has been rejected;-)
    Dave - I thought it was intriguing too:-)

  16. Just as well they're not human or they'd be in big trouble

  17. Pipefish are the super models of the sea world!!

  18. Very nice and very interesting!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Hope you are having a nice and happy week***

  19. hmmm I'm still thinking about this one

  20. Fascinating, learned something new; well-written!

  21. Fun and informative - didn't know seahorses were that choosy!

    Anna :o]

  22. Thank you all for your comments:-) I always enjoy learning something new and my mind is a veritable dustbin of useless information . . .

  23. So the homely seahorses' babies are eaten. I never knew that. What makes an ugly seahorse?? They all look the same to me. I guess you have to be a Mr. seahorse to know the difference. Maybe they mate with the ugly ones when food is scarce.
    Nice Magpie.

  24. Fascinating and informative to boot. Like it very much. Man has been known to choose a less attractive mate than himself so that the attention stays on him!! I lie not!


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