Monday 14 November 2011

Just for fun!

Just for fun!

Susannah sent me this today . . . not to be taken too seriouslyJ

I'm still slogging at NaNoWriMo! The story gets more unbelievable with every word and as for continuity - forget it! However, the characters are taking over so that can't be too bad . . . I think!

I'm rather behind on the word count. Perhaps I should just copy out the alphabet a few times ;-)


  1. Yippee! I am glad you are still going!

    The things I learned from last year are, don't keep rereading what you have written as you go, just keep pushing forward (plenty of time for reading when you've finished the first draft) - and most importantly, trust the process! there comes a moment when the characters come alive and that is pure magic! (That has helps me through my ups and downs this year, I trusted and it has begun to happen again.)

    Sounds to me like you are right on track. :-)

    Wonderful (and very well done!)

  2. Great video! I think I spend too much time watching cat videos as I had seen loads of the ones they used!
    Good luck with the writing!

  3. That's wonderful - the future is cats! We should all sign up and support that agency immediately!!! LOL

  4. Glad you are still writing your NaNoWriMo writings. Good that

  5. LOL
    Bengeltje (the cat currently on my lap, together with laptop) and I enjoyed this video very much. In fact, she asked me if I could send her CV to the agency. She's 21, still good looking and very experienced in every field ;-)

    Good luck with the writing process.

  6. That is a fun video, totally enjoyed it. Heaven help any soul trying to put a costume on a cat.

    Good luck with your writing.

  7. Love the video. I do love cats!

    Good luck with NaNo. Keep slogging! That's the only way to make it through.

  8. Enjoyed the Catvertising. Do I think it has a future? One never knows. LOL
    Don't give up on NaNoWriMo. (Great advice from someone who won't even start.)

  9. Cheers to you! Love living the NANOWRIMO story via you!
    Cute video!


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