Monday, 27 June 2016

Cheering ourselves up

After a dismal, dismayed weekend following the Referendum result on Friday it’s time to shake ourselves out of the gloom.

It’s Bertie’s birthday today – he’s five years old. He is a most affectionate and loyal companion. He is very sensitive – if Barry gets cross with a rugby referee, for example, (on television, that is) Bertie slopes off upstairs, out of harm’s way, just in case it’s his fault!
Bertie (left) and Buster
 Bertie poised to attack
Bertie all paws
Buster (left) 'helping' Bertie with the aqua kong
Purposeful Bertie

Bethan and Robert came home from Italy on Saturday and called to collect Lolly yesterday. Lolly nearly turned herself inside out with excitement.
Lolly: 'I'm ready, I'm ready'

Frankie was delighted to see his baby cousin, Charlie, and enjoyed playing with him. Of course, Charlie, ten months old, has no real appreciation of how to play, but Frankie didn’t realise that and enjoyed his company anyway.
Frankie (left) and Charlie
'Give me the moonlight . . .
Give me the girl . . .
And leave the rest to me.'
Frankie wearing his playhouse!


  1. The gloom has a lot further to go I fear. The thought go Boris and Gove at the helm is the worst nightmare I can think of.

  2. Frankie has grown ! I hope he still will be able to study, work and travel wherever he wants too to the same conditions as any other European student ! People should think of the next generations and not only at the length of their nose !

  3. Dogs and kids, there's no better combination.

  4. You are right. Time to enjoy life. I cannot worry about economics today! I love your dogs and kid photos!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  5. So many cute photos here today. Happy Birthday to Bertie.

  6. Happy birthday ! already 5 years old ! time flies by so quickly ! and Frankie grows and grows. Nice picture of your grandchildren ! How many do you have now 2 or more ? I will remain with one ... Toby !

  7. I love this beautiful post, so many happy faces, human and puppies.

  8. Happy Birthday to Bertie! Love all the pictures!


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