Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Just looking

Just looking . . .

Just looking to see if my blog is still in existence.

I was shocked to see that I had not posted anything since May 2020. Covid lockdowns have played havoc with ‘normal’ life and it has been difficult to cast aside the disciplines of caution.

Having congratulated myself on avoiding Covid, it was proved to me once again that pride comes before a fall, and out of nowhere, or so it seemed, I contracted it in September. It wasn’t awful. I just felt generally unwell and thought my recovery would be as swift as it normally is when I am – rarely – ill. Pride again took a header and left me with egg on my face and inexplicable weariness, which would strike out of the blue (how many more clich├ęs can I squeeze into this post?)

Now, after weeks of doing nothing, I am almost back to normal, or, at least, as normal as ever I was. It’s good to be back. This time, I will endeavour to visit my blog more regularly, and catch up with the blogs of others.


  1. Glad you recovered without too much illness.

  2. Thank you, Nick. I visited your blog but cannot leave a comment, unfortunately. However, I shall look you up on Facebook!

  3. Glad to see you're back at it! We've managed to avoid the Plague by being completely vaxxed and boosted, and by masking (still) and avoiding crowded spaces. Thanks for revisiting the Farm and reassuring me that you're alive and (reasonably) well.

  4. It's good that you were not terribly ill but the prolonged tiredness must have been a worry. I'm still trying to avoid crowds and still wearing a mask and have been boosted to the extent I am allowed to be. Our health care system in Canada is stressed to the limit with young children having Covid, RSV and the respiratory flu du jour. Yet people are refusing to get boosted or wear masks and are socializing as if it was 2019!

  5. I have managed to avoid Covid so far and am still wearing a mask in shopping centres and on public transport, also vaxxed and boosted. I'm sorry to hear you caught it, but glad to hear it wasn't too bad and you are well again.

  6. Thank you, everyone. We have been jabbed and boosted up to the hilt. Everyone in our family, apart from Barry, has had Covid, some twice, despite taking extreme care. It constantly amazes us how careless some people are of their well-being. 'Twas ever thus, i suppose.

  7. Hi Janice - so good to see you again ... and to catch up on the news - I've read backwards ... I'm glad I've managed without catching - I'm practical ... but not ultra careful - so perhaps somewhere along the lines I'll get it. I haven't left Eastbourne though, nor tried the trains - just the local buses ... cheers for now - Hilary

  8. Thank you, Hilary. We were so careful for so long, with children nagging us as well, so it was unfortunate. Never mind, worse things happen at sea!


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