Saturday, 20 March 2010

Camera Critters #102

Jenna and Gus play together much of the time - until we all go for a walk. Then Jenna is interested only in retrieving and ignores Gus. She has realised that he will not follow her into the ponds, so that's where she goes when his attentions become too pressing. That is, until this week when his urge to follow overcame his natural caution. He is beginning to enjoy the water, as all good Labradors do, but is not yet swimming. I'm sure he soon will be, though, as Tia and Foxy are staying with us and they swim as keenly as Jenna. Gus will not be left behind for long!
Gus watches and thinks . . .
 H'mmm, Frodo likes the water - and I like Frodo - so perhaps water is good!
Jenna leaps in every time. Could I do that?
I can step in carefully . . . 
. . . ooh, it feels nice!
Jenna, Jenna, look at me! I can jump in just like you. Look! Look!
Frodo, did you see me? Was it good?
Buddy, Buddy . . . oh, I forgot, Buddy can't hear very well and he certainly doesn't like water.
Here I am, Jenna - I can play with you in the water now!
Misty Dawn organises and hosts this lovely meme. Please click here to see more Critters around the world.


  1. Looks a lot of fun for your love dogs!

    Take a peek of the critter at my page.

  2. Genna is in for a few surprises, I fear. She will have to learn patience. (I need to learn that too,)

  3. They are having lots of fun, aren't they? Very nice pictures in action!

  4. Who has more fun in water than kids and dogs?!

  5. Janice: That is a nice trio of water dogs for certain.

  6. Oh such fun to splash in the water.

  7. Lovely pics of the dogs having fun and nice commentary!
    Still laughing at 'write two hundred thousand in figures'!....brilliant.

  8. It's funny how friendships change depending on who we're with and where we are at.

  9. It is nice watching them play in the water. It looks like they are having a lot of fun there.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

  10. How fun to see your dogs at play in the water. Molly would LOVE to join them!
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Brrr, wasn't the water too cold ? apparently not when I see how much fun they have !

  12. Thank you for your kind comments,folks :-)
    I can attest to the coolness of the water since I was freqently shaken over. Even if I hadn't been Gus is still such a baby that he sits on my lap when we go home from the forest, so I get soaked anyway. Sometimes I leap into the driving seat before Barry gets there so he has the 'pleasure' of the puppy!


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