Sunday, 28 March 2010

Camera Critters #103, Pet Pride

I'm thinking of changing Jenna's name to Moses!
. . . and now I shall have 'How did Moses cross the Red Sea?' running through my head all day and I haven't thought of it or sung it since I stopped full-time teaching several years ago.
Thank you to Misty Dawn who hosts Camera Critters and Gattina who does the same for Pet Pride. To see more please click on the appropriate link.


  1. Ah - what a splash! And such fun... When Oscar is allowed to swim (in May) then I'm sure he'll be living in the water... Love the joy of this shot.

  2. Jenna certainly knows how to make a big splash! Great action shot!

  3. I think you should stick with Jenna's name, Janice. Not just to prevent a new song from running through your head, but also to prevent identity confusion.

    I'm sensitive to name changes these days, as you can imagine from my blog.

    This morning when I was returning the hired wine glasses that we had used at our daughter's wedding, I mixed up the spelling of my married name, a name I've spelled correctly as my own for some 32 years now. My husband raised his eyebrows as if to say, 'Not you too?'

  4. Hahaha ! maybe she is a descendent of Mose's dog ?

  5. 'Cept for the red collar Jenna has the look of a whale that has just beached - and doesn't that water have a dirty look to it.
    Thanks for dropping by and for your comment on the cats. Long time ago I bred also - so much fun:)

  6. You can name him Moses only if you found him inside the basket floating on the water. :)

  7. What a fun shot, great capture of the splash.
    The Road to Here

  8. LOL ... I do enjoy your sense of humor and your marvelous doggie pictures. Seems I missed 'the gang' last week, but managed to catch up today. I can't imagine walking SIX dogs all at once ... seriously! Guess I'm getting older, eh?
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Thank you one and all.
    LadyFi, Greyscale: it doesn't do to stand too close . . .
    Elizabeth: I don't wonder at your confusion. It sounds as though you need a holiday :-)
    Gattina: could be, if Moses had a dog ;-)
    Cathy: the ground is very muddy, churned up by dogs and deer and foxes and peaty water drains into the pond from higher ground in the forest.
    Willa: no rushes in this pond and she's too big for a Moses basket :-)
    SquirrelQueen: it is fun but cold showers of muddy water are not always welcome!
    Happily Retired: it's challenging! The Labradors love everyone and the Dalmatians are quite reserved so we choose our route carefully!

  10. awww... cute picture! looks like fun!


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