Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Face of the Week #3

There were always animals - large and small -  in the house when our children were growing up. This is a hamster that Gillian had for her birthday one year. It had spacious and spectacular accommodation with many tunnels and tubes, annexes and rooms to entertain it. Despite this it was intent on adventure and was an expert escapee. It was a pretty little thing and fascinating to watch but hamsters move around inside their skins and are difficult to pet and stroke.
Thank you to Sistertex at Spacial Peepol for initiating and hosting this lovely meme. If you would like to see more Faces please click here.


  1. Awww...so cute! We had a gerbil for quite a while that we named 'Greta Gerbil'. (after Greta Garbo, the famous actress of days gone by). She was really good at getting out of her habitat as well.

    Thanks so much for you kind comment about my post. I am so glad you shared your Face again this week at 'Face of the Week'. I really appreciate it!

  2. What a cute little face!
    When my son was little he had a hampster called Henry, well it turned out that Henry was actually Henrietta, when we discovered her babies one morning!
    Thanks for stopping by Lucy's blog.
    Sunny :)

  3. I never had a pet hamster, but they are so much fun and entertaining. Oh, look at this cute little face.

    P.S. I also have a pet cat.

  4. Very sweet! I am intrigued by the move around on their skins information. Weird!

  5. I love this very different "face"! I wish we'd started with little hamsters instead of a collie.

  6. I wonder how many kids have hamsters growing up? I know I did and everyone in the neighborhood seemed to as well. They are so cute. Great photo :)

  7. This is a really nice photo of a cute hamster! I love watching hamsters in their homes with all their burrowing and stashing and running around. Nice close-up of the whiskers and little ears. :)

  8. Totally cute face, love the eyes they are so expressive!

  9. I think hamsters all have a bit of a Houdini complex. cute pic.

  10. aawwww....so adorable!!!!
    [thank you so much for your nice wordson my Oreo's photo]


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