Monday, 1 March 2010

March 1st – St David’s Day

Welsh flag, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
March 1st is St David's Day.
St David (Dewi Sant) is the patron saint of Wales and all across the principality proud Welsh men and women will be wearing daffodils or leeks, the national symbols of Wales.

Many girls and young women also dress in national costume on St David's Day.

Young Welsh schoolgirls in traditional costume. Photograph courtesy of and copyright of Mike Kelly

Dewi was the grandson of Ceredig, King of Cerdigion (Cardigan) As a young man he undertook a pilgrimage through South Wales and the west of England and is believed to have established a religious centre in Glastonbury in Somerset. He also went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem where he was appointed archbishop.Eventually he returned to Wales, making his home in St David's (Glyn Rhosyn) where he founded a very austere religious community. He was said to have performed many miracles and was canonised in 1120 after which St David's Cathedral became a focus for pilgrimage.
St David died on March 1st, 589.


  1. How festive! I was unfamiliar with this holiday so thanks for enlightening me. The daffodils are lovely ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. An interesting post...nice to learn about St, David's day, I'd rather wear a daffodil instead of a leek! Happy St. David's Day!


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