Thursday, 25 March 2010

Winston’s frog blog March 2010

Winston here . . . p'rrrrr, p'rrrrr . . .
I know you'll all be surprised to be hearing from me again – twice in one month, whatever next?
I just wanted to let you know that I've got a new hobby. You know that me and Monty are ornithologists. Well, there's plenty of our little fevvered friends in the garden to keep us happy, it being Spring and all. There's also lots of frogs crashing around in the pond – and making ever such a din, too. I think they're practising for a gin-ass-ticks display – you know, one of those things where they all climb on top of each other and the winner stands on the top and everyone claps. They're doing it in water so I s'pose it's – you know, whaddya call it? – sinkromized swimming or something or is it aquarobics? (Mrs H does that don'tcha know) but we can't see much of it, 'coz we're not in the water.
Anyway, my new hobby is photography. I don't actually take the pictures. I mean, come on, I'm a cat, don'tcha know. I'm not built the right way to hold a camera and my claws aren't made for pushing buttons that small. No, my new interest is in editing the pictures Mr H takes. I've been watching Mrs H when she edits and it's dead simple and I can do it much quicker than her.
So I thought you'd like to see my first efforts.
How many frogs can you see? (There are at least four!)
I think they're pretty good for a beginner and a cat, at that. Mrs H was ever so impressed 'coz I did it so quick and even she don't know how I managed to turn them from colour to monochrome and I star-rated that coloured one (five stars, natch!)

I hope you're as impressed as my Humans.
See you again soon.


  1. Very good Winston-though have you ever tasted one? I hear they don't taste good!
    Hi Janice,
    I do remember Cassandra-in fact I watch that programme quite often as it is on Gold and I really like it! I hadn't remembered her when I was writing about the name last night though! Also-I have to put you straight-I am right handed-hence the pencil in the left hand-I wanted to take a photo of her playing with the pencil and couldn't do it left handed! I can write with my left hand though-like it says on your profile!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Winston says: Us cats don't eat frogs - they make us foam at the mouth though not as badly as toads!
    Janice says: Sarah, I did wonder if I was making an observation too far!!
    Del-boy gets better with age (his and ours!) It's the long second 'a' that amuses me - don't know why! Have a good weekend and enjoy your last day of term next week.

  3. Winston,
    You are so clever turning the colour into black and white! Frog watching sounds like a fun hobby for you.


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