Monday, 15 March 2010

Winston’s March blog 2010

Winston here . . . p'rrrrr, p'rrrrr . . .

Well, February come and went in a flash, didn't it? I was just thinking what I was going to write and then blow me it was March before I turned round. So, what's been happening in this neck of the woods? We don't live in woods – it's just something the Humans say and it means 'here' so why don't they say 'What's been happening here?'

We've had lots of visitors. Gillian and Callum come one day to look after the dogs while our Humans went out. Us cats don't need looking after but the dogs are pathetic fond of company and need enjoy people around them constantly much of the time.

Then Gillian and Marnie arrived and there was great excitement 'coz it sounds as though Marnie might come here to go to school. Me and Monty don't understand that 'coz there are hundreds of schools all over the show but the school she's at is pretty poor cop. Anyway, she's got to work hard to get her greys or she can't come. That's funny 'coz Mrs H don't work hard for her greys apart from trying to cover 'em up and Mr H don't have enough fur to go grey! Me and Monty find it ever so difficult to understand our Humans sometimes!

That same time Bethan come home and there was lots of hugging among the Humans – bit over the top if you ask me but at least they don't go sniffing each other's bottoms like the dogs do – dead common, me and Monty think! Us cats face each other eye to eye and put on stilts and a bit of fur extension to show we're to be reckoned with. We like being stroked and chatted to by the Humans, though, specially if they've got prawn treats (Susannah was the first and best Human to bring them to us!)

What next? Oh yes, Jenna-the-Labrador started limping so of course the Humans went all soft on her and took her to see Phil-the-Vet. Me and Monty knew what the answer would be – walks on the lead and a bit of pain relief. Honest, these dogs don't handle pain well, not like us cats. We never murmur . . . (What? Mrs H has just said that we don't murmur till it's almost too late. H'mmm, yes, there's a lot of truth in that. When Monty had osteo-something he didn't cry and . . . well, let's just say the Humans noticed and took him to Phil-the-Vet and Nadia-the-Vet and Mark-the-Vet and they SAVED him and he don't even limp no more!)

Anyway, the Humans took Jenna-the-Labrador out on the lead for two weeks with the other dogs and she was ever so good so then they let her run free again and after two days she was hobbling again so this time Phil-the-Vet decided to take x-rays and Jenna had to spend another day with the vets (which she loved, exhibitionist that she is!) 

Mr H was ever so serious when he brought her home. 'Not good news,' he said and Mrs H gasped and said, 'Oh, no! What?'

Phil-the-Vet said that Jenna has damaged all her hip and shoulder joints and has to be very careful for the next eight weeks and then be watched after that. Well, I'm only a cat but I think if you go throwing yourself all over the forest chasing balls for goodness' sake, you deserve what you get. Jenna's nice, though, and I think Gus plays a bit rough with her and she squeaks but he don't take no notice of her so I hope she'll be all right 'coz me and Monty are ever so fond of her, specially Monty.

Then the Humans got all funny and started tidying and clearing and cleaning. I mean, they're always busy but this was different and then new people come to stay. It was Mr Human's brother and his wife and we expected to see them at Christmas but they was late getting back from Efreehopia so they didn't come then so we didn't see them. Me and Monty kept a low profile 'coz our Humans had told us that Margaret don't like cats much (I know – can you believe it? – and we're so gorgeous and all!) but anyway they come and stayed for a couple of days and it was fun. Me and Monty was much better-behaved than the dogs, natch!

So now it's back to just the Humans and us again but I've heard tell that Gareth's children are coming to stay soon and that'll be good. I think that's all I've got for you just now. I'll see you again soon.



  1. M name is Winston and I would like to get some pointers from you(Winston) on how to blog.
    My Humans really liked Winston Churchill, and named me after him.
    I look nothing like him though and am quite handsome if i do say so myself
    You are a real cutie pie.
    Really enjoyed your post today

  2. You are right abput how quick time flies Winston. Tell your Mum thanks for her lovely comments! The kitten may end up being called Kitten at this point as she is beginning to look when we say that! Though Lupin is a polpular choice among blog friends!

  3. ohhh! that is the sweetest picture, so so cute :)

  4. Winston says: Thank you all for your nice words.
    I'm named after Winston Churchill too and Monty is named for Viscount Montgomery of Alamein. We'd like to have a Jellicoe one day but we don't think it's going to happen :-)


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