Sunday, 26 June 2011

Camera Critters, Pet Pride Winston spies a stranger

 The pretty cat that often visits our garden appeared on the conservatory window sill the other morning. S/he is very friendly and would like to come into the house. I'm not sure Winston would welcome that!

'Look, Winston.'
 'Hey! Who are you? This is my house.'  
'I’m going. I don't want to argue.'
'Where’s he gone?'
'Oh, he's back again. Hello.'
'I’m not a fighter but it’s a good thing this window’s between us.'
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  1. Well caught! I'm sure it would have been a different story without the window! Our cat is a cowardy custard unless the danger is at a safe distance.

  2. Winston's a handsome cat. We love those words, "Where's he gone?". It matches the visitor kitty's face perfectly. So cute! :)

  3. Winston!! Distract your human. On no account allow the intruder entrance. Do not let your human fraternise with this interloper.

    Hmans are fickle creatures and unpredictable. Keep a close watch.

    Concerned, Miss Ming and Mr Macc (aka Chairman Maow)

  4. I don't like strange dogs looking in my window!! Glad I live up high now! Don't have to worry -- no dogs five stories tall here!

    Sam Schnauzer

  5. How cute is that? Great capture. I suspect there would have been words if the window wasn't between them.

  6. How nice to have a visitor. It does look like that cat would like to be invited inside.

    Stopping by from Pet Pride.

  7. I love the look on the pretty cats face when Winston decides he just wants his privacy!

  8. What a pretty cat your visitor is!

  9. What good pictures you took to record this event. It IS good there was a window in between, otherwise who knows what might have happened!

  10. I love this series of photos, Janice. The other cat looks happy and healthy. Perhaps she belongs to a neighbour?

  11. Kay, I think she does belong to a neighbour (we regard her as a female, too!)She usually wears a collar but I noticed it was absent a few days ago. We don't feed her but we do let her know we're friendly - and she is very friendly. We will keep an eye on her . . .

  12. LOL - what a cute series!

  13. I found your blog from camera critters, I love the pictures here.
    Btw, im your new follower. If you have time, I hope you check out my blog too.


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