Saturday, 25 June 2011

Poetry Jam

My line comes from George Gershwin’s ‘I got rhythm’. Thanks to Brian Miller for the prompt.

Who could ask for anything more?

Oliver Twist was hungry and poor;
A bowl of gruel to keep him fed,
Water to drink and a crust of bread -
Who could ask for anything more?

He had bad times, behind locked doors,
Days in the workhouse were hard,
Normal life to him was barred -
Should he wish for anything more?

Living  a life beyond the law,
With Fagin teaching him thieving,
Could he ever start believing
That he could search for anything more?

Human failing’s at the core
Of Charles Dickens’ well-known tale;
Oliver’s fate, once thought so frail,
Became a joy to him once more.


  1. Wow! You are so very good with words. I'm really impressed!

    By the way, your header is magnificent. I happen to love purple flowers.

  2. Gershwin and Dickens ~ now that's a mighty potent combination!!!!

  3. I am a little envious of the mind that could see the possibilities in bringing those two together. Well done, indeed!

  4. good use of the repeating line - who could ask for anything more?
    best wishes
    Isabel xx

  5. Helen said exactly what I was thinking! Great response to the prompt.

  6. smiles. love the progression of the refrain and the mised elements of literature and the song...sung well...smiles.

  7. Love this use of the prompt - great job!

  8. Gershwin-esque rhyming! Who could ask for anything more?

  9. I find myself singing along with this one. And I second Dave's comment!

  10. A delightful read... I love the rhythm and flow!


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