Sunday, 12 June 2011

Succinctly Yours Week 12

Grandma's Goulash at Succinctly Yours hosts this microfiction meme. Each week she posts a photographic prompt for inspiration and the challenge is to write a story using no more 
than 140 characters or words. Below is this week's photo followed by my offerings.

Image courtesy Grandma's Goulash

‘Come along, ducky*, time for a swim,’ he said.

‘I’m not a duck, I’m a goose, just like you,’ she hissed.
(103 characters)
(*’ducky’ is a term of endearment in UK)

Said the gander to his wife,
‘I will love you all my life.
We’ll build a nest together
And line it with soft feathers;
Sweet lavender I’ll bring you,
To soothe and comfort you who
With me will raise our goslings
And guard them against all things
Until they’re fully-fledged.’

Said the goose to the gander,
‘I love the way you pander
To my every wish and whim;
Our wedlock will never dim.
I, your faithful wife will be
And good mother, you will see;
We will keep the pike at bay
And tell our young to keep away
From the reeds and the sedge.'

(105 words) 


  1. You are a master of rhyme. I've seen a lot of geese and their babies on recent walks! Tis the season for rebirth. They definitely ARE protective of their goslings. one doesn't dare walk too close.

  2. Mama Goose does not look or sound very pleased with Daddy Goose's courting.
    But I do love the poem.

  3. As once a Canadian, I always feel they are MY geese.

    Two lovely tributes.

    How is Frodo?

  4. @Mary: the geese are amazing parents, I think. Geese are very interesting.
    @Janie: thank you:-)
    @Dianne: thank you, too:-)
    @Isabel: I'd be proud to claim them, too. Frodo is very well, thank you. The analgesic patch is obviously doing its job. We'll take him walking tomorrow.

  5. The first one is kind of funny. The second poem is just so sweet.

  6. Lovely. The poem is appropriate as geese mate for life.

  7. This is so sweet-and true-I saw four geese doing just that the other weekend-standing around the goslings as they slept, and they had a definite air of guarding about them.

  8. I used to work with an Englishman some years my senior, and he sometimes called me "Ducks" but often called me "Petal"! Neither, of course, would be an endearment for a goose, although I've also heard, "Oh, you little goose!"
    As a third-generation Canadian, I like to think of Canada Geese as "our geese."
    Always love your posts and poems, Janice, and I always read all the comments, too. Good to know Frodo is going to be going walking with all of you soon.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. I liked them both! Very well done!

  10. Very nice! Your 140 made me laugh (mine featured a flirting goose, as well) and I loved the play on words with "ducky" (you know how I love a good pun).

  11. That's one bird we don't have in the Everglades. Go figure ...

  12. She must have had PMS that day.

    Your poem is sweet and tender--the loving words between the goose and gander couple, and great use of lavender!

  13. Do you know that in Boise where my son lives the Canada geese are considered a nuisance?-- Well, I must admit there are rather a lot of them but I don't think I could call them a nuisance or any wild life for that matter. Not even ground squirrels, crow or starlings. Now rattle snakes...that's another story.

  14. What a romantic love story !

    I have my doubts though about the couple. Usually the female is a grey ugly thing and the male a beauty (at least for geese, not for humans) so I am not sure if this picture is not representing two males ? Never mind, they also can get married.

  15. @Deborah, Sonia - thank you:-)
    @Belle: their fidelity is one of the things I admire about geese.
    @Sarah - thank you:-)
    @Kay: thank you. We're pleased with our boy, Frodo. He doesn't understand why he can't go out with the other dogs but he quite likes the compensatory biscuits;-)
    @Helen, Lisa,Robert, Pat, Arlee: thank you all:-)
    @Chris: all living things have their purpose in the ecosystem though it's sometimes hard to appreciate the uglier, more dangerous ones;-)
    @Gattina: it's hard to tell the difference between male and female Canada Geese though it seems to me the female is slightly smaller. Very handsome birds!

  16. Quite a micro-fiction! Such a romantic poem about the geese, I love everything :-)

  17. @Anyes: thank you! The romance keeps coming to the fore;-)

  18. What a wonderful poem! Perfect!

  19. The ducky mf was cute and your rhyme was absolutely awesome. Very clever.

  20. A joke and a poem both! love it!

  21. I loved the conversation or conversation stopper. Sweet, endearing piece of verse.

  22. I loved your cute goose poem. Perfect for the photo too.


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