Tuesday 21 December 2010

My World Tuesday

Snow falls, giving everything a starkly stunning aspect. The air is as sharp and crisp as the snow crunching underfoot.
Outside the front door our corkscrew hazel (avellana corylus contorta) wears a thick coat of snow but the catkins hang down, ready to display their glory in a few short months’ time.
In the forest the dogs trot soundlessly, seeming to enjoy the sensation of the soft coldness beneath their paws. The scents are pungent to their sensitive noses.   
The sun breaks through the white-grey clouds to garland the tree tops with a lemon-gold crown. It contrasts strangely with the pure white snow.
Suddenly, we realise that the sun has claimed some trees as its own and covered them in gold.
A little further on it is as though we have chanced upon a magical kingdom, glowing within its icy boundaries. A warm hand has touched this region, a reminder of times past and yet to come.
The sky is huge  . . .

 . . . the trees loom and we are made sensible of our insignificance.

A dog’s –eye view . . .
. . . and Jenna wonders how long it will be before the snow and ice melt and she can swim again. A shrewd Labrador, she knows better than to attempt to walk on the pond’s unusual surface . . .
. . . but she and Gus dive enthusiastically into the undergrowth to retrieve their Kong while Frodo inspects an interesting sniff.
They emerge with a dredging of snow on their backs, looking like reverse Dalmatians before they vigorously shake themselves free.
Thanks go to the My World team who host this weekly meme. Click here to see more views of the world around the globe.


  1. Your Dalmatian has the perfect camouflage outfit ;-)

  2. The dogs look like they had fun but are ready for a warm bath. Love the dog’s eye view photo … the grassy spikes look beautiful in the snow.

  3. The photos with the snow and the golden trees are really strange in a beautiful way!

  4. It looks gorgeous, but it also looks sooooo cold! The dogs seem to be having a great time, but like ours, they probably always have fun! Hope your week is off to a great start and wishing you and your family a very Merry, Joyous Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter!


  5. When you don't have to drive and shop but just have a nice walk through the woods and nature, it's beautiful outside, especially when the sun shines !

    PS. I had to go out and buy cat food and got stuck in the snow on the parking ! Two ladies pushed my car and finally I could get out !
    Winter fun !

  6. Gorgeous photographs. I love the golden glow of the sun shining through the trees.

    CJ xx

  7. I love the golden trees, the light is wonderful.

  8. Lovely photos on your walk, and I especially like the gold-leaf trees - very pretty. Enjoy!

  9. I love the golden light on your white world. Were I at my summer home I, too, would be in a world clothed in white. As it is my world is just soggy wet!
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

  10. the world in black and white is a wonder, but the shot of the 'golden' trees looks like you have entered a magic kingdom. beautiful pictures, I almost felt I was with you...


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