Monday 13 December 2010

Camera Critters #140, Pet Pride

I’m minding my own business when a woodpigeon lands clumsily on the pyracantha. I am instantly alert. Goody! I can enjoy one of my favourite hobbies – bird-watching.
(Mrs H: Oh dear! He does need to go on a diet - just look at that tiger tummy!)
heard that!  Anyway, if I lean a little more to the right I’ll get a better view. Gus isn’t at all interested. I expect that’s because he’s a Labrador and only takes notice if he’s expected to pick up.
I‘m climbing carefully up the back of the settee. That greedy pigeon’s so busy scoffing all the berries it hasn’t seen me.
(Mrs H: You’re quite hard to miss, too!)
Harrumph! Now I’m sitting up I can see much more clearly. It’s a lovely plump bird – doesn’t look as if it needs much feeding up.
(Mrs H: Hark who’s talking! Pot, kettle and black spring to mind.)
So rude!! Wait - what’s it doing now?
It dropped a berry. Clumsy!
I’m getting very excited now, lashing my tail. Let me at it – I’ll give it what for!
 If I tried really hard I’m sure I could pass through this glass. SuperCat!
 Oh! It’s flown away . . .

. . . or did it? Just checking.
Yep – definitely gone. Ho hum – when’s supper?
(Mrs H: Winston has kindly agreed to allow me to share this with Camera Critters and Pet Pride and thanks Misty Dawn and Bozo and his human for organising these memes.)


  1. glad you could share! love all your adventures!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  2. Good sequence of photos. Boom & Gary of the vermilon River.

  3. Lovely photo's of Winston. He is so beautiful. Hugs and best wishes from Sylvia, John and R Jack xx

  4. Lovely take, nice series of photos and I'm sure you nailed the thoughts right on the money. Well done.

  5. Honnestly I have never seen such a tiger pattern on a cat in my whole life ! It doesn't exist here. Pookie the typical English grey street cat had more stripes before she moved to Belgium. Now her fur has changed and she almost looks like the grey street cats here ! I wonder if it's due to the clima ?

  6. Your cat has beautiful markings!Cats are so amusing.

  7. I enjoyed this, Janice. Winston is so sweet to let you share this.

  8. I like reading others' thoughts and this was definitely very enlightening!

  9. How utterly rude! That is not fat, but extra floffage for the winter!

  10. What a great post. Fantastic pictures and story!

  11. LOL - so delightful!

  12. Such fun to see other people's pets. Your cat looks very much like a Bengalese. Spots instead of stripes.

    Went to look at the puppy. VERY cute. Now I'm a little confused. Are the cat (with spots) and the puppy both yours? I have to leave for an appointment in about 5 minutes, so don't have the time right now to research that. Both are beautiful, anyway

  13. I love the markings! Such a pretty coat! Fun to watch the bird, lol.

  14. Winston's markings remind me of an ocelot. Very pretty and I love the story.

  15. A spotted cat! He's gorgeous. I've never seen a 'catcoat' like that.

  16. Winston is so funny! I love watching the cats when they are on the prowl, it is all so dramatic and comical. He has beautiful markings. I like your new header and the splodgy watercolour background-very pretty!

  17. Not sure if my comment posted-may have exited too quick!

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