Saturday 2 June 2012

I was tagged . . .

I was tagged by Sherry fromthe Mama Diaries. I’m sorry it’s taken me a long time to get round to answering, Sherry.

1. Favourite Book? This changes according to what I’ve recently read. 'Oryx and Crake' by Margaret Atwood was fascinating. 'Tschiffely's Ride' by A' by.F. Tschiffely was a book I read in my early teens and made a great impression on me. 'Touching the Void' by Joe Simpson is the story of his unbelievable survival in the mountains after a fall that broke his leg.

2. Favourite color? Blue in all shades.

3. Sweet/salty food? I used to have a very sweet tooth but now I prefer salty foods.

4. Gift someone gave me that I'll always remember? The flowers my husband brought home for me late one night. He bought them from a flower seller who was tired and wanted to go home. When I unwrapped them all the heads fell off but I didn’t mind because it was his kindness to the flower seller that touched me.

5. What is my favourite blog post? I am not analytical enough in my writing and so all my posts please me – well, most of them, anyway;-)

6. What annoys me? Public speakers who ‘umm’ and ‘er’, people who use ‘of’ as a verb as in ‘I should of gone to bed early’ and too many other things – I’m a crabby old bat.

7. Truth or dare. I’m not brave so I’ll go for truth – but maybe an adjusted truth . . .

8. Did I collect anything as a kid? I collected glass animals and displayed them on glass shelves in my bedroom.

9. Bath or shower? Shower – quicker, easier, more refreshing.

 10. Would you ever use gel pens? I used to use them a lot when I was teaching – a different colour for every day. Now I use fountain pens.

11. What makes you happy? My family, my animals, birds, dragonflies, flowers, sunrise, sunset, the scent of newly mown grass – too many to list.

I'm not good at tagging people so will just leave this open - if you care to play, please do so:-)


  1. I was tagged a few years ago did it and then went on strike. I don't remember you as an "crabby old bat". Lol !

  2. Enjoyed your answers here. My favorite color is blue too.


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