Saturday 2 June 2012

I was tagged again

I was tagged again by mybabyjohn/Deloresfrom ‘The feathered nest.’ The format was similar so I think this game has been going on in the blogosphere for some time. Again, my apologies for the delay in responding – I have been busy.
However, the questions are differentJ and relate to the summer activity of going on a picnic.

1.     Will you make the food yourself or get take out? We’ll take our own food.

2.    Will you use paper plates or pack real plates? Plates???

3.    Country or city park? Definitely the country.

4.    Invite some friends to come along or not? We might go with family or else on our own.

5.    Use a bug spray or a screened dining tent? Those who need it will use spray.

6.    Bring a ball and bat? We shall take the Kong for the dogs.

7.    Pack the kids bikes? If the grandchildren are coming we might take bikes.

8.    Laze around the picnic site for the day or have an activity planned? You can’t laze around with dogs and grandchildren . . . There will be walking and playing with dogs and spotting birds and insects and identifying wild flowers and taking photographs.

9.    Hope to find a picnic table or bring your own folding table? The ground is the best table there is.

10.  Decide at the last minute to just go to a restaurant? Never. Not many restaurants will accommodate four dogs.

11.  Throw up your hands in defeat and stay home for a picnic on the deck? That          is entirely possible but not nearly as much fun.

Again, I throw this open to anyone who  wishes to participate. Lazy, me??


  1. I like your idea of picnicking on the ground. I did that a few times when I was a kid. It brings back memories.

  2. I don't blame you for leaving it open...being tagged twice in the same week is a rough thing. Sorry I didn't know about the first tag or I wouldn't have burdened you with number two. Great job with the answers.

  3. When the weather is nice and warm my friends and I will drive to the sea it's only 150 km, take our picnick with us, umbrellas and foldable beach beds and will have a wonderful day. That's far more fun than being locked in a restaurant ! And to buy sandwiches or a salad at the beach is very expensive.

  4. I love your header! I haven't visited lately being rather busy settling on a new template - that takes time! When I get a quite moment, I will look at your wedding videos!


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