Friday 1 June 2012

50 jumps a day keeps osteoporosis at bay.

50 jumps a day keeps osteoporosis at bay.

Even the birds do it.


  1. Oh, I love the jumping birds, Janice.
    Can't help wondering what jumping would do to a person who already has osteoporosis. I had it in the 90s, induced by a cortico-steroid medication nobody warned me about. There I was, not yet 50, wearing a button that said "I may be fat, but my bones are thin!"
    I had a little dog and I was afraid to walk her in the winter in case I slipped and fell. I had already broken one of the vertebrae in my back and wasn't eager to break anything else.
    Fortunately, other medication has reversed the effects and my bone density tests show I'm in good shape, bonewise, these days.
    I'll bet those birds are, too.

  2. I love those bird photos. You really have to be quick to capture bird jumps with a camera!

  3. I was thinking about walking up and down the staircase for exercise. Better than hopping for me and my old bones.

  4. not entirely sure my knees would enjoy it (gee we sound like a creaky group don't we) but I'll give it a go ... oh I'll be honest, I'll think about it, but I do 'steps' each day and walk.

    Your birds look a darn sight healthier than the one I inserted in my post today. It was a bit sad really.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hi Janice .. don't they just jump around .. birds can just be so amazing to watch.

    Like the others a quiet walk up and down stairs for exercise and some gentle stretches .. but I must get to doing more .. like a flighty old bird!

    Cheers and enjoy the weekend -Hilary

  6. Great photos of the jumping birds!

    Think I will try for 50 but maybe start at 5!

    Have a great weekend.


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