Thursday 9 August 2012


Christmas is just around the corner!
Xmas tree.svg
Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Only 137 shopping days left until Christmas. I received my first Christmas catalogue today! Though this seems early it is actually 16 days later than the first one to arrive in 2011.


  1. Time flies - cliched, I know, but nevertheless SO true!

  2. Yikes!!! That is truly depressing.

  3. I've solved that problem. Dick shops for all of his grandchildren. I send cheques to my young nieces and nephews. Dick is Jewish, and doesn't care if he never gets a Christmas present, but he asks me what I want, which is fine by me.
    I could put the catalogue people out of business, but I like to think Christmas makes work for printers.

  4. I thought about that the other day. We adults don't exchange gifts any longer, so I just have the grandchildren. Now that they are teens I give them money. My Christmases are very different now than they used to be!

  5. Is is rude to say bah humbug right now. I'm squeezing every last ounce of heat and sunshine out of my Alberta summer, so shhhhh, you!! LOL

  6. How awful ! First we are still waiting for real summer ! Maybe at Christmas we will have 25° !

  7. My husband, a UPS man who is normally committed to non-violence, would like to smack this post and the sender of that Christmas catalog upside their heads!! LOL!

  8. Noooooooooooo we haven't really had summer yet

  9. Oh dear, is it that close!!!!

    I am sorry that I have not been around for the last week or so
    but I have my Mum staying with me at the moment and feel guilty
    if I don't give her my time and so haven't been on the computer much.

    I will have so much catching up to do
    when Mum goes home that it will take me until Christmas
    to get through all the posts I have missed!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    x Fiona

  10. Good grief! I was just thinking what a beautiful late summer afternoon it had been and how autumn was just around the corner... Am now worrying that my Christmas catalogues are late :O)

  11. Good grief, don't remind me yet! I truly hate shopping, although I do enjoy the Christmas season once all the shopping is done.

  12. I was tidying up in our catch-all room and organized a few of the Christmas decorations that I came across. The way this year is flying, it won't be long. Actually thought about writing some cards out, then quickly nixed that idea. A momentary abberation.

  13. Yikes! Please... NOT yet!!! I'm not even ready for Halloween or Thanksgiving yet.


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