Friday 3 August 2012

Olympic rowing

Olympic rowing

Great Britain is doing well in the rowing. While I appreciate the enthusiasm of the commentators – and indeed, the onlookers – I am more than a little weary of hearing about the second/third/fifth/extra person in the boat that is the crowd!

The first time I heard the crowd described in this way I thought it rather endearing – now it’s just annoying. In every discipline the GB athletes have commented on the support given them by the onlookers and how the cheering lifts and encourages them. All the commentators remark on it but they don’t keep repeating asinine comments about the invisible or additional member of the crew, team or partnership that is formed from the spectators.


  1. Interesting!

    I really am enjoying the Olympics this year! Your country can be proud of its hosting!

  2. Things get on my nerves, too. Hoorya for your country in the Olympics. I'm across the pond cheering for all of my GB bloggers.

  3. I am loving the Olympics but like you the commentators are starting to grate. I was lucky enough to get to go to the kayaking the other day - the 'live' entertainment they lay on whenever there is a gap in the programme is pretty banal too. The strange looking creatures with a single eye on it's heads leading the crowd into dance routines is not really my idea of entertainment - maybe I am just too old.

  4. @mybabyjohn/Delores - yes, they come round every four years. I've even seen quite a few maple leaves;-)
    @Mary - thank you. Glad you're enjoying them. There have been a few glitches but that's to be expected with a major undertaking (though some were just due to plain poor planning!)
    @Linda - thank you. You can cheer your compatriots, too;-)

  5. @Jane - the in-between events music is pretty dire, isn't it? Lucky you, though, seeing the kayaking. Did you enjoy the boxing? I looked for you but didn't see you;-)

  6. Loving the Olympics this time. Never mind how our country fares. I believe the best always wins and when you do not you actually do not deserve it.

    London looks so lovely.I get to hear a lot of complains about the rain from my real and virtual world friends, commentators, newsmen and just about everyone else but I think it's making the city look all the more beautiful. My husband is very glad we got a pretty large screen TV last year as we get to see the raindrops, blades of grass, the clouds and even the speck of dust on the athelete's shoes!

    Congrats to you and your country :O)And Oh!I quite enjoyed that lil skit by the queen as a BOND GIRL!

  7. I am not quite sure I understand the meaning of your last paragraph and put that down to my getting out of
    touch with my roots thinking! NBC has received a lot of criticism here for various inanities: I enjoy the overhead views of the countryside and city as well as some of the events. To describe the opening as 'modern' was an understatement - it was unique, strange at first, but nice that the focus was on our
    great history in literature!

  8. Well done to Team GB
    they are doing great!

    My daughter is going to the water polo on Wednesday so she is looking forward to that.

    Happy weekend.


  9. I've not seen much of the rowing - but the commentators do come out with some corkers. I heard one last night saying 'Jessica Ennis has been inconsistent in the events she's inconsistent in', or something along those lines...!

    I've loved watching the swimming and cycling - well done Team GB! (Not forgetting Michael Phelps who is just such an incredible athlete).

  10. We've been watching the Olympics, but it's overly centered on the U.S. teams which I find annoying. I did enjoy the rowing though.


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