Thursday 6 April 2023



Insecure Writers’ Support Group

Well, here I am again – a day late and none the wiser.

I first started trying to write children’s books when my own children were very small. I’ve since realised that attempting to write entertainingly for children is extremely difficult. It’s easy to have the ideas, but expressing them in terms that children will enjoy and understand is another matter altogether.

Having written a story, the illustrations must be considered, and therein lay another stumbling block.

Eventually, life took over and I abandoned story-writing for small humans for other pursuits, like all the chores involved in bringing up a growing family, growing both upwards and in number. I still scribbled, but with no purpose.

I did publish on Kindle, a tome entitled ‘The Sweets and the Bitters of Love’, and the masterpiece sank without trace or acknowledgement. I comfort myself that my talent will be recognised after my demise. Who knows, maybe even my family will read my deathless prose and wish they had taken notice earlier.

Fortunately, I’m not a tortured genius, or any sort of genius, not even a vaguely dim light in the universe, but I’ll carry on plugging away, once I’ve walked the dogs, filled the domestic machines, the cupboards, fridge and freezer and maybe moved the dust around a little. After all, tomorrow is another day . . . and the day after that, and the day after that, ad infinitum or perhaps ad nauseam.

Have fun, folks!


  1. Sorry, but your book is not available on Kindle/Amazon. Not even for free.

  2. It is there - 30th November 2012, under the name Jane Hartley May. £0:00 on kindle unlimited or £0:99 to buy.


  3. We just have to keep on. If it's in you, you'll keep going. I always thought children's writing seemed intimidatingly hard but may try it one day...

  4. What happened to E? Blogging is writing - just have a squizz at 'Views From the Bikeshed' blog to see what Mark has to say on that subject.

  5. Yes, I came across his blog the other day and will definitely watch his video.

  6. Never give up! Judging from your blog, you've definitely got the talent! xxx

  7. I felt this. This was the first 10 years of my writing career. Don't worry, it gets better as they get older. My boys have both read all my books now that they are adults and my youngest has even chosen to follow in my footsteps. Cheers to chores, don't let it take up all the good time you have!

  8. Clearly, you have set a good example :-)


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