Tuesday 25 April 2023

The Banksy of Crowthorne


The Crowthorne Banksy

Photo credits Julie Arnold

The mystery creator of pillar box delights has produced yet another charming masterpiece to amuse passers-by and has been dubbed the Crowthorne Banksy.

This time the Coronation has provided the inspiration for the latest pillar box topper.

Look closely and you will see that the participants are actually pigs. I don’t think any disrespect is meant.

It is a source of pleasure to everyone travelling along this particular road, particularly the children who walk along here to reach Acorns pre-school and Oaklands Infant and Junior schools.

Surely it can only be a matter of time before the mystery artist is revealed. Someone must know! 

Post script: Someone has taken the topper! So sad. 


  1. When my mother and Queen Elizabeth were first married, the two women became pregnant at the same time - Prince Charles and I were born (almost) twins. Thus the coronation does deserve cute art pieces on the public post boxes.

    Why would some crud take the topper???? To display his republican politics?

  2. Possibly. I don't know. More likely to be bored youths, I think.

    Nice to think you have a 'royal' twin :-)

  3. What a shame that somebody helped themselves to the topper. It sure was cute and looks like someone put a lot of time and thought into it's creation.

    1. Disaffected youth, possibly, but what a pity.

  4. Peppa pig and family perhaps? What a shame someone else thought they deserved it more than the community it was gifted to.

  5. Someone has some major talent! I suppose it being stolen is proof!

  6. How absolutely delightful! But how sad indeed that it was stolen. People have no respect, it seems :-( xxx

  7. It's upset a lot of people - so unnecessary.

  8. I love that topper. How sad that people can't respect the skill and hard work that went into the making. xx

  9. That is amazing Janice! I must show my son as he loves Banksy!
    Such a shame that folk feel the need to take it & remove the pleasure others might get from it. I feel sad about that!

  10. It's the posties I feel for - seeing this and others like it on their daily rounds really cheers them up.


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