Thursday, 13 April 2023

What the L is going on?


What the L is going on?


I really know my alphabet,

I do, I do, I do,

But K has slipped in front of J,

And everything’s askew.


Is Blogger playing up again?

It often does, you know,

It really drives me round the bend,

When things are not ‘just so’.


Tomorrow is another day,

But where will L be found?

I think I will no longer play,

If letters move around.




  1. Maybe check your published dates and change them if they are wrong.

  2. Apparently A.I can resolve small intellectual problems like that, without even raising a sweat :)

  3. Blogger used to drive me crazy with their antics until the ghost of Mark Twain reminded me it provides its services for free. You get what you pay for, he quipped. :-)

  4. Exactly so. Don't look a gift horse and all that . . .

  5. Oh the foibles of Blogger ... last week it suddenly put some of my old replies to comments in the spam folder ... but yes, don't look a gift horse ... xxx P.S. your poem made me smile!

  6. I think Blogger has an agenda of its own . . . x

  7. How annoying ... who knows why Blogger does things. I do like your poem, especially the title. The "L" certainly came in handy!

    1. Frustrating! I'm glad your computer is up and running again :-)

  8. Do you have them prescheduled? Go to your new post page and revert them to "draft" then check the scheduled date and change it if necessary, then reschedule.

  9. I used to pre-schedule someitmes but had forgotten how. Thank you, and Andrew, for reminding me :-)

  10. Hi Janice - has sent you on the way ... but frankly this an 'ell of a way to go for L. Love the poem. Blogger even sends (occasionally) my own comments towards spam on my own blog - strange but true ... glad M is here or perhaps XYZ? Cheers Hilary

  11. Blogger does sometimes behave in quite bizarre ways. Is it just to create a 'conversational piece'?


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