Thursday, 19 January 2012

Servicing the car

Barry took his car to be serviced this morning. When he booked it in the Receptionist asked him if he would be leaving it at the garage. It’s difficult to fathom how it might be serviced if he didn’t.

Someone has just phoned from the garage to tell Barry that the turbo seal (??) needs to be replaced. It must be done or expensive damage will ensue. So what was expected to be a relatively inexpensive bill has now doubled.

What fun! Shanks's pony will only take us so far . . .


  1. Ooh I hate an 'unexpected' expense ... and it really is funny how many people do ask such funny questions! :o)

  2. Every time we think we are doing okay our car breaks down. It's like a bad miracle.

  3. Ah yes, car repairs always turn out to cost more than was initially thought! Why?????

  4. It is incidents like this that make me even more glad that I married a master mechanic!

  5. Well, if the mechanic knows what he's doing and is telling the truth, you might save yourself more expense by fixing it now. But one never knows, does one? Sure would be handy to be able to see into the mind of a mechanic - and into the minds of a lot of other people, as well.

  6. I always wonder if those unexpected things are really true. I hate to be skeptical. I really miss our mechanic in Illinois who I could always trust. Sigh...

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