Thursday, 12 January 2012

Chewing gum art

Now this is something I never expected to see. I like it when people find opportunities to develop a skill in unusual ways and places.


  1. Janice...I don't know where you find some of these things but that was fantastic! A little ewwey as far as germs go, but what a great painter!

  2. That is quite something, Janice!

  3. Oh, super, Janice! I was expecting to see something completely different because there's a wall in Seattle, Washington, covered in thousands of pieces of gum, but this man has really come up with something we can appreciate. Enjoyed this very much!

  4. That is definitely not something we see everyday. I did find it very fascinating to listen to him tell about his artwork.

  5. This is incredible. I'm surprised somebody hasn't gone around and just collected his art. How amazing! To think people might just be stepping all over his art.

  6. It seems a little unsanitary!

  7. Hi Janice .. I must say he's found himself a little niche - and he's a clever artist too .. apart from understanding the complexities of the acrylics ... very clever pictures.

    Fun watch - thank you .. Hilary


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