Wednesday 18 January 2012

The Thirteenth Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke - Gus

Hello everyone!

Well, it’s a New Ear again and it’s cold at last after so much wet and warm. Frodo’s pleased ‘cos now the ground is hard he doesn’t have to have his paws washed every time he comes in from the garden. (I really like Frodo!) Jenna and Bertie and me don’t sink in the mud like him. I think that’s ‘cos we’ve got webby paws.

Our Humans didn’t go out for New Ear’s Eve – they stayed at home with us and watched the fireworks from London on the television. They said they were wonderful and there will be more later on. They said there will be fireworks for the Queen’s cold an jubilee and for the Oh! lim picks. I don’t know what those are but lots of people are getting excited about them.

I wondered if the ears were getting shorter - well, the Humans keep saying they don’t know where the time goes. I don’t think it goes anywhere, not like water down the drain. Maybe the garden needs drains ‘cos the water there doesn’t go anywhere – it just sits on the top like dirty puddles.

Mrs H was saying they need to get a dog sitter. I don’t want one. I don’t want a big person sitting on me – I’m not a bean bag. Mostly Mr and Mrs H don’t go out without us and if they have to be away for a long time then Gillian comes. That’s good ‘cos then Tia and Foxy and Buster come, too, but one day this year everyone’s going out together for a long day and we can’t go with them. Winston’s all right – he’s a cat and he’s got everything he needs indoors. Bertie knows how to use Winston’s litter tray but he’s a bit big for it now and me and Frodo are definitely too big, so you see we’ll have to have a dog sitter. It’s all Bethan’s fault – she’s getting mad – I think that’s what they said. Everyone’s happy about it apart from us dogs. Still, Tia and Foxy and Buster will probably come and stay with us that day. I hope the Humans can find someone to look after seven dogs.
Bertie’s grown such a lot. He’s much taller than Jenna now and he’s nearly as tall as me. I’m still growing muscles but I look like a proper dog. Bertie’s a puppy, with long gangly legs and his snout is longer than ever mine was. He smiles with wrinkles all over his nose, specially when he’s done something he shouldn’t. We play together a lot but sometimes he’s too rough and I have to nip him. Then he squeaks and goes to one of the Humans for a cuddle. Foxy never tells Buster off so he’s a bit surprised when he’s here and I scold him.

Bertie can jump on the Humans’ bed now. It gets a bit crowded on there ‘cos Winston likes to join us but he doesn’t take up much room. The Humans don’t seem to mind so long as we don’t start playing. Usually I get off after a while and find a dog bed to sleep in but Jenna and Winston stay all night and Bertie often does, too. Frodo never gets on the bed. He used to but he’s not allowed now ‘cos of his drugs. It’s true – no good comes of drugs.
Time for a snooze. Be good!

Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That’s Welsh for ‘Goodbye for now!’)

pee ess:Bethan’s coming home tonight ‘cos they found a dead rat in their sitting room this morning. They don’t know if it’s the one they saw in the kitchen or another one. Robert’s gone to the States for a few days and she doesn’t want to find another one while he’s away – or at all! I bet me and Jenna could see them off. Grrrr . . .


  1. Dear Augustus Lazarus Cooke, I think you have a beautiful name. It would make a great character in a book. Lovely post about all the goings on. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Many tailwags to you, and to the rest of your family.

  2. Great post. Very enjoyable. I'm so glad our dogs don't 'do' stairs. And we sleep upstairs. We once stayed in a bungalow for a long weekend and the dogs thought the bed was theirs. Before we got them off the bed and ourselves in it... Hilariously funny though. The moment they were all off the bed and we wanted to get in it, they quickly jumped on again and we could start getting them off it again. And again. And again *sigh*

    You dogs are incredibly lucky with such kind humans ;-)

  3. A very beautiful set! Love the last but one shot!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Hope you are having a very nice week****

  4. This is one very charming post! How precious are your pups!

  5. I enjoyed this blog post told from an animal viewpoint!

  6. I love the Gus report. Bertie is looking beautiful as usual. Poor Gus, he doesn't want a sitter, even if it is for only one day a year. Awful about the rat at Bethan's place. I would have to leave too!

  7. Happy New Ear to you too Gus, and to the rest of your mob. Nice to catch up on the doings in your family.

    Just one question - does Winston only have one litter tray? When it was only me and Ming, we had two - one for poos and one for wees. We worked that out ourselves. We also have our own bathroom ... Now that Wolfe-creature has moved in, PERMANENTLY it seems, there is another litter tray downstairs because we don't let Wolfeeee upstairs.

    And that other cat, Ratty, still hasn't come home. Mrs isn't half worried about him.

    Purrs, Macc (aka Chairman Maow)

  8. What a great report, Gus! Happy New year to you too. If I were you I wouldn't want a sitter either. It seems like Gus has everything under control. Take care and have a great day. Wonderful photos.


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