Monday 30 January 2012

A to Z April Challenge - part two

Why do I always rush into things without planning them? My excuse is that I haven't the time to stop and think but then I spend a great deal more time ironing out the kinks and creases in my projects. 'Twas ever thus and hardly likely to change now.

Anyway, what I should have said in my previous post is that the A-Z Challenge is a blog hop and if I add the nifty code I think a list will appear . . . I think . . . sometimes I'm remarkably dense, you know.

Well, here goes. Actually, composing this post is quite trying as Blogger seems to be on a Go Slow and words do not appear until five more words have been added - and that's okay if you're a brilliant touch typist - not so good if your fingers are a bit hit and miss, like mine so that what you think you've written appears as a strante languste like tyhat! 


  1. Now, if a Blog Hop' was some kind of dance, I might be tempted...

  2. Quite a fascinating concept...I will keep thinking about it.

  3. But I write already every day and hop from blog to blog, more hopping is impossible, lol !
    Besides that I have Jenny's Alphabet Thursday, where we arrived at the letter K !
    Or maybe I don't understand this blog hopping.


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