Wednesday 11 January 2012

Poetry Jam Laugh in the Face of Everything

The photo shows a Polish farming couple in Connecticut, 1940

Photo credit:
Public Domain Photograph from the Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photograph Collection in the Library of Congress; Jack Delano, photographer.

The challenge from Poetry Jam is to respond to this photo of a Polish farmer and his wife in Connecticut in 1940. Times were hard but they found something to laugh about.

He wasn’t much to look at but
She’d loved him all her life,
He was a caring husband
And she a doting wife.

When people asked the secret
That kept their love alive
They smiled and said that hard work
And laughter made it thrive.

So when the days seem darkest
And things are at their worst
Remember this old couple
And put each other first.


  1. That verse should be on a greeting card. The pictures of my grandmother when she was younger, make her look older than when she was old.

  2. Janice, wow you were quick, and you found such truth in this photo! I agree with your perspective.

  3. soo sweet. made me smile. thanks

  4. So true and so sweet! They do look so happy!

  5. I agree with what you're saying here - things have become really twisted up and complicated nowadays and it's hard to remember the important things when everything is turned upside down.

  6. I love this you said it and it's said...seems good to me!

  7. Your poem gets to the heart of how to survive a lot of things. Thank you for jamming.

  8. Lovely poem and very good advice, too.

  9. You nailed this picture! Thank-you for the rhyming wisdom. I love it!

  10. Good reminder about how to live and love.

  11. So sweetly said. Loved it! :)

  12. "Language is the dress of thought."

    I'm in love with this! :)

  13. I'm sure Ada I could learn much from this! Thank you...

  14. Great words . . . and great photo.

    Some folks were born with a funny bone that can see the humor even in hard times.

  15. ...better than medicine or marriage counselor! :)


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