Tuesday 10 January 2012

Every little helps!

I had my first Tesco delivery of 2012 today.  Normally I have the items delivered in bags that I recycle.

The driver told me that Tesco had run out of carrier bags. That’s not a big problem for me but for the customer who had fourteen trays of groceries delivered and no time to unpack each tray individually it was a headache as she had an appointment to keep. The driver was running behind time too so he left the trays with her. He was not a happy man.

An employee was despatched to another store six miles away but that store was also facing a problem and couldn’t spare many bags. I have a mental image of customers throughout Berkshire reaching the checkouts with overflowing trolleys to discover that there are no bags for their groceries. Some, of course, will have taken their own bags with them. Others will have forgotten as I do, frequently.

Is it a desperate ploy by Tesco to force customers to carry their own bags - or was it an ‘oversight’ on someone’s behalf? Heads will roll, I fear, almost as many as other spherical objects that customers will be attempting to stuff into pockets. 

The following clip is of Tesco in happier times, just before Christmas. Kerching!


  1. I am sure Anthony Worrall Thompson will have some suggestions about where to stuff some shopping! lol!

  2. I hope Tesco doesn't lose customers over this!

  3. @Denise - LOL!!
    @EG - it will be interesting to see how their first quarter profits look.

  4. I like the dog in Cumbria (was it Cumbria?) and mrsnesbitt's comment just reminded me that I have to look up what AWT has done wrong. I saw a glimpse of him on a newspaper in BBC Breakfast this morning. Something about shoplifting? Huh? Why would he? I'm off to google the news right after I've pressed 'publish' ;-)

    In the Netherlands almost everyone has foldable (?) plastic crates in the trunk of their car to put their shopping in. No bags needed. People who go to the shops on their bicycle will have bike-bags. Only the people who walk to the shops or go by bus use bags. And often they will bring their own.

  5. I hope Tesco will lose MANY customers over this.

  6. I'm always forgetting my bags when I go shopping. It is hard to learn a new habit. Most stores have started charging 3 cents each for plastic bags.

  7. My husband resents having to pay for bags when he does the shopping (which is always, bless him) but sometimes he forgets to take his own. Fortunately, it is winter, and he is usually wearing a coat with plastic bags in the pockets, because of the dog. I carry them in my pockets now, too.
    (I got a good chuckle out of Friko's comment!)

  8. I get rather upset when I see big supermarkets being "green" and "environmentally friendly" and not giving their customers bags, but at the same time stocking plastic rubbish bags and plastic bin liners and other non-biodegradable items.
    Our supermarkets here still hands out plastic bags and we ensure that they are reused and reused and finally used on their last legs to wrap non-putrescible rubbish in...

  9. Running out of bags could definitely damage their business. It took me forever to get in the habit but now I always have my own bags.

  10. Hi Janice .. I second Friko's comment - but sadly I suspect not .. supermarkets are the bane of our lives. Huge emporiums springing up .. useful - but completely rough riding everyone else ..

    Cheers Hilary

  11. When I went shopping at Tesco's in Langney/Eastbourne, everybody had to have his own bag, otherwise you had to pay for one (with little ladybugs on it) I loved these bags so much that I took 3 of them home ! I do not remember any plastic bag. It was exactly the same procedure we have in our Supermarkets. If you have no bag, they always have empty cartons where you can put your stuff in. I think after having used us to get free plastic bags and not taking our own shopping bag with us as my mother used to do, now we are going back to the past. You have to bring your own bag, ;) ! For deliveries I don't know how it works. Must be annoying for the poor driver !


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