Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Ballet Dancer and the Hammer

The Ballet Dancer and the Hammer

It may sound like the title of a thriller but actually refers to Sophie Hitchon, the 21-year-old Olympic hammer thrower who broke her personal best record in qualifying, setting a new British record.

It’s difficult to reconcile ballet and hammer throwing but both require dedication, strength, balance and timing. Good luck, SophieJ


  1. So many wonderful Olympic stories to be told. I just loved the young British teen-aged diver (aged about 16) who, when she went up to dive the time I watched her just flashed the biggest smile. She was just so thrilled to be there, I could tell.....even though she probably had no chance for a medal!! I loved her spirit.

  2. Hi Janice .. yes I think I kept a note to write a brief splurge about the balleting hammer thrower!

    Cheers - Hilary


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