Monday 23 May 2011

The Sixth Family Birthday of the Year!

May is a fairly busy month – two birthdays and two wedding anniversaries. The two birthdays and one of the anniversaries all fall in one week!

Anyway, the sixth family birthday belongs to Susannah on May 22nd. She was born on a very hot day in Germany – maybe that’s why she loves the heat so much.
Susannah the gymnast!
From a shy small girl she grew into a confident and very capable young woman with a dry sense of humour. She is intensely private, very independent and extremely well-organised. She has a large group of good friends who value her sense of loyalty and appreciate her wryly accurate observations of people and events.
Susannah is tall and slim and almost completely unaware of her effect on people. She turns heads but is wholly dismissive of the thought that anyone might think she’s attractive.
Family is very important to her. She loves her siblings and her nieces and nephews and is concerned that they should all be happy and fulfilled. She has always loved animals, the consequence, I suppose, of being brought up surrounded by them! Her favourite of all is her own little Abyssinian cat but she always enquires after the welfare of the animals that live with us, none of which, now, were part of her childhood. She worries about everyone and everything but hates to think that anyone might worry about her.
Louis watches while Eve applies Susannah's make-up
Susannah does everything at high speed – talking, walking, texting, cooking, eating – everything is accomplished swiftly and while she can sometimes be impatient with adults, she is not so with children. She understands and respects them and though she is kind she does not allow them to take advantage of her good nature.
She’s on holiday at the moment so I hope her birthday week is a happy one and the sun shines for her.


  1. I can see why she turns heads, she is beatiful! It is really nice to have your birthday when you are on holiday. I hope she has a marvelous day.

  2. She's delightful, Janice, and I'm sure a lot of the credit goes to you.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Happy birthday to Susannah! You've written a wonderful tribute to her.


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