Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Speech impediment?

Speech impediment?

Does Mitt Romney have a speech impediment? The words 'foot' and 'mouth' come to mind all too readily once more.

It’s a shame the New Statesman link spells ‘sheikh’ incorrectly! 


  1. At first I thought maybe it was just a slip of the tongue (trying to talk around that silver spoon must present some diction challenges), but nope - he said it twice! (I'd bet that most of his fat-cat contributors don't know - nor care to know - the difference between Sikhs and Sheiks either.

    You could submit this to ABC Wednesday - "Duh" starts with D! ;-)

  2. Mitt Romney is a silver-spoon-fed twit with no sense of the real world -- and worst of all, he doesn't care.



  3. This guy is a walking catastrophe ! His general knowledge must be at the level of a 10 years old ! I avoid to see or hear him, the only thing he has is money !

  4. No kidding! The scary thing is that he might/could win.


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