Wednesday 7 December 2022

Barry's seasonal work


Barry’s seasonal work

Every December, Barry’s self-imposed task is to replace the batteries in the Christmas lights. 

No matter how many rechargeable batteries we have, there never seem to be sufficient. This may be on account of my desire/need/compulsion to add ever more light arrays.

If there should happen to be a power cut, we would still be able to find our way around, thanks to the blazing LED-powered candles and other light-emitting devices.

Of course, if the power were to be off for more than 24 hours, we would be in dire straits, because of an inability to recharge said batteries. We would then have to resort to wax candles and torches, always supposing we could remember which ‘safe place’ we had stored them in.

After Christmas, on Twelfth Night, when the decorations are taken down and the dark days of January shiver our souls, to be followed by the ‘nothing much’ dank, miserable, blessedly short February, it can seem strangely bare. The glittering, twinkling lights have gone, but wait . . . the flameless candles are still in situ. This is entirely so that Barry can keep his hand in replacing batteries and doesn’t have to relearn the skill every December.                                                                 

Meanwhile, Jellicoe observes events and indicates that, as long as he is warm and comfortable, he's not bothered about lights - after all, he is a cat and can see in the dark!


  1. HI Janice - that's good ... if something happens then the only me has to sort it out ... sometimes in very frustrating times! Perhaps I could ask Barry to pop down ....?!
    It all looks wonderful ... and I'm sure Jellicoe would keep you warm ... cheers Hilary

    1. I'm sure Barry would be only too happy to oblige :-)

  2. It all looks wonderfully Christmassy! I should get some of those flameless candles, they'd be handy for blackouts.

  3. It's really lovely first thing in the dark mornings before I switch on any lights - very welcoming!

  4. Usually we end up keeping a few fairy lights up till it is so obviously Spring that they start looking a bit stupid!

  5. Those flamelss candles make my heart happy, and I use them throughout january to lighten the heaviness that winter darkness brings. Yours look inviting.


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