Thursday 15 December 2022


Wednesday’s Words on a Friday

This meme supplies prompts as a means to encourage people to write. The words for this week have been supplied by Elephant’s Child and can be found here.

Jacques the jelly fish was relaxing, idling the day away, when, to his consternation, he found he had drifted away from his salty environment into the fresh estuarine water. He was agitated, even though he knew that some of his distant cousins lived in fresh water lakes. He feared he would not find the minerals he required and thought he would soon be in extreme difficulties.

It was pure luck, then, that through the thick stems of the cattails, he spotted a wash of blue. It was the ocean, his true home, and he knew that he must swim towards it.

He was speeding on his way when suddenly, he was jolted awake. He smelt the citrus scented soap his beloved owner used in her bath. He knew he was about to be pressed into service to exfoliate her lovely legs. Jacques sighed happily. Life could not get any better than this!





  1. Echoing David - and thank you for joining us again.

  2. Nice twist. I thought poor Jaques was alive and in danger at first.

  3. Brilliant Janice - great fun to read ... lovely take on the words ... cheers Hilary

  4. I think I should replace my cats by a jellyfish ! Gives a real nice funny story, lol !


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