Wednesday 21 December 2022


Pavement artist with a difference

Ben Wilson has been transforming abandoned chewing gum into miniature works of art since 1998, starting with occasional paintings. In 2004, he began working on them full-time. 

Ben Wilson at work
All images copyright Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes known as the Pavement Picasso, Ben Wilson also creates works of art from rubbish.

You can learn more about him here


  1. At least he can churn them out quickly

  2. I would never have thought anyone could do something with abandoned chewing gum. I guess the footpaths are prettier now.

  3. This is an amazing post. I plan to share this at a family gathering on Sunday.

  4. That's disgusting ! Isn't he inspired by dog poops on the street ?

  5. I am fed up to be anonymous on your Blog !! lol

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