Saturday 17 December 2022

Brave Heart Award


   Jellicoe received a Brave Heart award from our vets. He is very proud!

This cute cat is Jellicoe, and he also has diabetes like a few of our other brave hearts❤️
He was diagnosed during a severe medical emergency called DKA using up one of his nine lives for sure…
As you can see, we’ve had several diabetic cases this year, and it’s because it is a very common disease, in fact diabetes is one of the most common hormonal disorders found in cats. It mostly affects middle aged to older cats and causes a marked thirst, hunger and weight loss🐈
Jellicoe’s owners are really happy to have him back, although needing to give him insulin every day, but they report that HE IS THE LIVELIEST HE´S BEEN🥰🙌🏼🍀
Jellicoe is always very brave and patient throughout all his visits and whether that be in hospital or for recheck appointments!
We are so happy for you Jellicoe🤩


  1. My little Rosie seems to be in good health, she drinks maybe a bit more, it depends, but her fur is shining, she is slim but not skinny and goes well on her litter box. As she will be 16 in May I keep an eye on her, but she behaves exactly like the cat in the Rapsody song ! I have to wear earplugs because Madame plays and makes strange loud noises and then she sleaps the whole day !

  2. Hi Jellicoe - you're giving us all great pleasure, while your owners are also so proud ... well done - keep on going and living life to the full - cheers Hilary

  3. Well done Jellicoe. I wouldn't like to have to give my cat shots every day. I'd need two extra people to hold her! Luckily she doesn't need them.


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