Tuesday 2 May 2023




When Jellicoe yells at me, insisting it is time for one of his four daily meals, I have made a point of telling him exactly how long he has to wait. ‘It’s not time yet,’ I say, ‘Another forty/twenty-five/fifteen minutes.’ He looks at me in disgust.

On Saturday, Alexa’s dulcet tones informed me that it was time for ‘Jericho Bee 12’, her version of Jellicoe B12, the vitamin powder he has to have every day. Actually, the capsule containing the powder is so small that it would be very difficult to estimate half the amount, so he has one capsule every other day.

 Anyway, the alarm sounded for the final meal of the day and I was in the middle of something so didn’t leap to my feet immediately to attend to the small but powerful furry character that is Jellicoe. He decided I needed further prompting and miaoued at me, then tapped my face with his paw. Receiving no adequate response from me, he extended his claws and gently touched my face again. Neither he nor his brother have ever scratched or bitten us or anyone else, even when undergoing any sort of investigation, so the ‘scratching’ was a token gesture.

I was still not doing as I was bidden by him and his yowls were becoming more insistent. Eventually, he sat and glared balefully at me until I was shamed into giving him his rations. Perhaps ten minutes had passed since the alarm sounded. Jellicoe is not a patient boy.

The next day, he walked onto my lap to remind me that it was tea-time. The alarm had not sounded – it went off two minutes later - so it is certain that Jellicoe has learnt to tell the time.

What a clever boy!

Notwithstanding four meals a day, Jellicoe is constantly looking for food. Locks on the fridge and freezer have foiled his attempts to purge them of their more delectable contents but he is aware that Roxy and Gilbert have tasty food. He watches and pounces as I weigh their portions, so I toss a piece to the floor and he swoops on it. The dogs eat rapidly – more like vacuuming than eating – so Jellicoe doesn’t have very many such treats.

However, he knows that the pouches containing his and his brother’s food are put in the bin when they have been emptied, and has observed how it is opened. It is a tall bin with a soft-touch opening, with just the lightest pressure required to lift the lid. Jellicoe has discovered how to do it and is expert at strewing the bin’s contents across the floor as he searches for food.  He opens the recycling bin, too, just in case there’s something toothsome inside but there isn’t, so that holds little interest for him. He hasn’t yet learnt to shut it, though.  

Sitting on the red recycling bin, ready to open the waste bin
 It doesn’t matter so much during the day, because if we don’t see or hear him opening it, we are soon alerted by Gilbert trotting to his bed with an empty pouch in his jaws and an expression of guilty pleasure. Since we don’t want to come down to a mess in the morning, the bin has to be put away securely before we go to bed. More importantly, we don’t want to risk Jellicoe choking on something. He visits the vet quite often enough.

Cuddling with Gilbert


  1. I'm so glad I live with a peaceful undemanding cat. Jellicoe sounds like a handful. Why does he need the four meals a day?

    1. He's not really a handful - it's just that when the worms bite, he wants to feed them.
      The vets put him on four meals a day last year when they were trying to control his diabetes. It took three different practices to sort him out and now that he's stable I'm not anxious to mess with the regime.

  2. Cats are so very clever, aren't they?

  3. Jellicoe has dominated the other animals and humans, and got his way with food etc. Yet the last photo shows him totally submissive to Gilbert.
    Go Gilbert :)

  4. sorry, the above comment is from me, Hels

  5. I have mastered cupboard doors but F says thank goodness I never mastered opening the fridge. These days my humans would be grateful for me to show a more than passing interest in food. They wash out all the catfood pouches (partly to add the rinse water to my meal because I generally don't drink water) and partly so the bin isn't smelly. If I tried opening our bin I would fall in because it has one of those tilty lids....xxx Mr T PS has Jellicoe never shown you the posh watch all felines are born with? Mine knows to the second when the alarms will go off.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that your appetite isn't very keen, Mr T. How thoughtful of your humans to add the pouch water to your food.
    I think the feline posh watch bit must have passed our boys by - that's what comes of being toffee-nosed purebreds. Slow to catch on - actually, I'm thinking of humans there, sorry!

  7. You can't keep a smart cat down. And all cats are smart. Jellicoe you must meow me some way to open the wood cabinet and unscrew the lid fur my food. Precious

  8. I haven't got opposable thumbs, so haven't mastered screw tops yet. I'll keep you posted. Jellicoe x

  9. What a character you are, Jellicoe! I'm hiding this post from our Bess, as she might pick up a trick or two! xxx

  10. Cats are definitely creatures of habit. I love the comment from Tigger about feline watches :) My two cats have eating times and sleeping times and up-and-around times and they do not vary. Jellicoe is such a beautiful fellow and it's lovely to hear that he is so gentle. However, his glare really is intimidating!

  11. It's interesting to see how cats' eyes change - so soft and gentle to hard and piercing, especially when they're watching birds!


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