Wednesday 3 May 2023

Post box topper update


Post box topper update

The post box, which suffered the unwelcome attention of person or persons unknown when its pillar box topper was stolen, stands in front of a large, ivy-covered tree.

A few days ago this notice appeared.

 With bated breath, we now await developments.

Although our postal address is Crowthorne, we actually belong to Wokingham Without (we don’t specify what we are lacking!)

Wokingham is a market town in Berkshire, England, with a population of about 48,000.  It is often referred to as Woky by its residents (though not by us J)

During George III’s reign (1760 – 1820) there was a flourishing silk industry in Wokingham. Silk stockings were knitted by hand until knitting machines began to be used. A hand-knitter could make six pairs of stockings a week. By the end of the 16th century England required 10 million pairs of stockings. England also exported hand-knitted silk stockings, particularly to France.

The first mechanical knitting machine was invented by William Lee of Calverton in 1589, though it may have taken some time before such a machine came into general use.

When Queen Victoria came to the throne, one of Wokingham’s most important industries was brick production.

In association with a local Hookers group and a Children’s Charity,  Wokingham Town Council initiated a Coronation Post Box Topper Trail to celebrate the Coronation.

This, from MyWokingham, explains more:

Wokingham Town Council has teamed up with the Barkham Hookers Charity Group and First Days Children’s Charity to create a fabulous post box topper trail for the coronation!

The ‘hookers’ successfully entertained the public all throughout lockdown with their crochet creations and their magnificent post box toppers for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, so they thought they would create a new Royal themed trail for you all to enjoy for the upcoming coronation.

All of the toppers should be in place by Monday 1st May.

Gaynor White from the Barkham Hookers said: “We’ve really enjoyed making the post box toppers over the last few years and love to get involved in community projects with the town council. Being able to use our skills to raise a smile and bring people together is a wonderful thing”.

 You can find a handy map of all the locations at…/ and hope that it inspires you to take a new direction on your daily or weekly walks or provides a fun activity for those with children to go ‘topper spotting’.

Make sure you take photos as you go around and tag the council on social media #wokinghamcoronation or on facebook Wokingham Town Council

                     Everywhere you look there's red, white and blue. It all looks very cheerful and sufficient to gladden the heart of even the most morose citizen. Enthusiasts are already setting up camp to get the best possible view of proceedings - in the streets, that is. There's no chance of getting anywhere near Westminster Abbey.
Royalist or Republican, there's no way of ignoring the wall-to-wall coverage that will be all-encompassing on 6th May. The compensation, should you require it, is that the following Monday is a bank holiday. 


  1. Hi, Jabblog! What a fun post! I'm visiting from the Insecure Writer's Support Group today. I hope you have a little time to visit a few posts.

    I, born Canadian, will certainly be enjoying the coronation of King Charles III. The post box toppers are wonderful. Where I come from in Nova Scotia, a hooker hooks rugs. I come from a long line of hookers, but I wasn't successful when I tried it. I'm too ADHD. But I have three sisters who love to hook rugs.

    My maternal grandmother loved to crochet as did my mother-in-law. They would have enjoyed seeing these toppers so much. If they were still alive, they'd probably be crocheting them ~ well, maybe not my Irish m-i-l. But certainly my grandmother. How lovely that the toppers create smiles and bring your community together.

    Enjoy all the festivities, and happy creating in May!

    1. Hi Fundy Blue, how nice to 'meet' you and thank you for your visit. I'm never sure how such things as the Coronation go down in Commonwealth countries, but I'm pleased you will be enjoying it.

  2. What a lot of effort has gone into these creations! It's a unique way to mark the coronation and to captivate children (and their parents).

    1. It seems to be a growing trend throughout the country and seeing colourful toppers brightens everyone's day.

  3. The toppers are beautiful and clever. I can't imagine knitting silk stockings by hand, silk is such a thin, fine thread.

  4. It would be worse than knitting in 2-ply, I'm sure.

  5. With or without a coronation happening, the toppers would make any place more cheerful. But I can just try to imagine how cheerful your country will be on May 6. I look forward to seeing it broadcast here. Who would not enjoy the pomp and circumstance.

    1. I certainly enjoy the traditions and will definitely watch the ceremonial.

  6. It's lovely to learn about the history of your town, although I'm rather disappointed though that you aren't mentioning what you are lacking :-)
    The Post Box Topper Trail sounds delightful, and I do think there's no escaping coverage of the Coronation anywhere, not even here in Belgium! xxx

  7. The coronation seems to become a worldwide spectator sport ;-) x


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