Wednesday, 9 December 2009

ABC Wednesday Round 5 U is for Uniforms

U is for Uniforms . . . School uniforms
Army uniforms
Uniforms for gymnasticsUniforms at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
More school uniforms
Uniforms for judo
Royal Navy uniform
Do you wear a uniform? Do you like uniforms?

Thank you to Denise Nesbitt for hosting this meme.
What can U see elsewhere? Click here to find out.


  1. Hi!
    Great "U" post! All great Uniforms, I like the one in the middle with all the kids. Our school system recently went to uniforms. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  2. Shalom Janice. Nice to see your blog.
    Wow, lots of uniforms here. I think kids look cute in uniforms.

    I was thinking about your question and realized that I have never ever worn a uniform, neither in USA nor Israel.

  3. Great word for the U day! And there are lots of uniforms these days! Wonder if that says something about our society??? Have a great day!


  4. Lots of uniforms here! Great U:-)
    Have a nice wednesday!

  5. I have never worn a uniform. My father had a navy uniform. I didn't mind though I don't like military uniforms. Uniforms are useful in case you are looking for a policeman, a nurse, a fireman or a priest for instance.

  6. That's a lot of school uniform, Many Primary schools in New Zealand including the one I work in, and my son's do not requitre one.

    My son wears a karate uniform. He is one step to a black belt.

  7. Ann - there are several schools of thought on school uniforms. I think the most telling one is that if everyone is wearing (more or less) the same clothes there is little room for rivalry, envy, one-upmanship - though to be fair there can then be competition over shoes, hair slides, trainers and so forth.
    Well done to your son :-)

  8. I wore a school uniform when I was in grade school and high school back in the 1960s. They did make getting ready for school easy.
    Happy ABC U day...

  9. What a variety of uniforms, love the school photos. I remember we had to make a summer uniform skirt in sewing lessons. Small pink check. What were they thinking, good job it was a simple design.

  10. A great selection of uniforms! Love it!

  11. Q - uniforms certainly take away decision-making in clothes!
    Joy - LOL! I remember making a sundress at school when I was about 10. It was hideous, took forever to finish, fitted where it touched and I never wore it - AND it put me off needle crafts for years!
    Tumblewords - thank you!

  12. a useful umbrella of uniforms. uniforms both take away freedom and instill it, I find.

  13. Interesting observation Roger!

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