Tuesday 15 December 2009

I believe I can fly . . .

When I was little I was convinced I could fly, could even close my eyes and relive the sensation of travelling weightlessly through the air. My belief stayed with me well into my teenage years though I knew it could not be so and I never expressed it. With age came the realisation that I had experienced only vivid dreams but it was a powerful conviction that remained long after common sense had declared otherwise.
One of Bethan's university friends was vehement that she had indeed flown. Is it something all young animals feel? Certainly none of my children ever told me they could fly and I haven't had opportunity to discuss the phenomenon with my grandchildren.
It seems that some of our dogs may have understood it. Our latest pup, Gus, definitely does! I can almost hear him singing 'I believe I can fly' in these photographs. Play the Yolanda Adams clip as you scroll down and see if you don't agree with me!
Building up to take-off - ears working well and two legs off the ground . . .
Three legs off the ground, ears still working well, mouth closed for aerodynamic efficiency (Barry says 'low Reynolds number, which is why recumbent cycles are banned from the Tour de France . . . )
Coming at it from a different angle . . .Tail working well but one leg still in contact with the ground . . .
A little more upward thrust . . .
Let's try lifting the back legs first - note the concentration!
Gus sees his big spotty friend at the same time as he becomes momentarily airborne . . .
Gus to Frodo: Look at me Frodo, I can fly . . . Wheeeeee . . .
Frodo to Gus: Yes, very good, little chap . . . I remember doing that when I was a little feller . . .
Whip the tail faster - that might help!
Success! (but will it last?)
Coming in to touch down - front paws outspread, ears and tail being lowered . . .
Oof! Bumpy landing!
Brakes on, chocks down . . . (Gus: . . . don't know what it means, but it sounds good!)
One last short flight then home to supper and bed . . .


  1. Made me smile! Such fun you captured the JOY!

  2. Loved the litle conversation.
    I never had this feeling of being able to fly. I wish I could!

  3. Thats so cute. Nice set of pictures.

  4. An absolutely super post!!!! What more could one wish for in life?Adorable pups, bounding along with gay abandon and yes, 'flying'. I enjoyed the YouTube of Yolanda's too. She certainly has a powerful voice.

  5. Great post, cute puppy. Another song springs to mind--Poetry in Motion.BTW I often dream that I am flying and it's great.

  6. Great photos of a very cute pup. He obviously does believe he can fly! Please don't tell him otherwise.

  7. Naturegirl - thank you. Can't help being joyful around such lovely little creatures :-)
    Yiota - one day in your dreams maybe you too will fly :-)
    Shaunak - thank you. I always used to laugh at Barry taking hundreds of photos of the same things/events but they are a wonderful memory store and I am so grateful to him.
    Denise - thank you for your lovely comments. We are very lucky people.
    Chris - that's a good choice too!
    Janie - I wouldn't dream of crushing a young pup's beliefs ;-)

  8. Absolutely DELIGHTFUL post ... loved the photos (reminding me of Molly when she was little) and could hear the song playing in my head ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Thank you storyteller - I can't get the song out of my head now ;-)

  10. Lovely post about Gus and flying. Gus is precious. I don't ever remember having dreams about flying and I feel like I've missed out on something good!:)

  11. Aww, never mind Stine - there's still time :-)


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