Wednesday, 16 December 2009

ABC Wednesday Round 5 - V for Victory

photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons
HMS Victory was Admiral Lord Nelson's flagship during the Battle of Trafalgar which was fought off Cape Trafalgar, Spain, in October 1805. The British fleet was fighting the combined Spanish and French fleets. The day ended in Victory for the British.
When Nelson chose her as his flagship (a flagship is the lead ship of a fleet) she was about thirty years old and though she wasn't particularly fast she was very stable and had a steadfast crew. She was badly damaged during the battle and had to be towed back to Gibraltar for repairs.
Victory has never been decommissioned from the Royal Navy and still has a captain and crew.She is now a museum ship in dry dock in Portsmouth, England attracting thousands of visitors every year. It is possible to gain a clear impression of shipboard life two hundred years ago on this vessel. A brass plate marks the spot on deck where Nelson was fatally shot.
Victory is also used for ceremonial events and was at the centre of celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 2005.
Thank you to Denise Nesbitt for organising and hosting this meme.
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  1. Beautiful ship and marvelous history! Great post for the V day! And, of course, I had to drop down and look at Gus's latest pics! What a cutie!

    Have a great day!


  2. Lovely bit of information, some of which I once knew but apparently have forgotten where I left it! :) Thank you for the reminder. Good V!

  3. I sailed from Portsmouth this year and had forgotten that Victory was berthed there. Now after your post next time I will remember to go and have a look.

  4. We were watching a programme on TV a few days ago which had gave a brief description of the ship. I would love to visit it. I find it amazing that it was never decommisioned.

  5. That is such interesting info on the Victory. I didn't know much about it.
    Great V post!

  6. A short sharp history lesson well-illustrated. Thanks.

  7. Thank you Sylvia - Gus is growing SO fast!
    Tumblewords - we never believe we'll reach the age when we've forgotten more than younger people have still to learn. What a shock - LOL!
    Joy, for many years we had a yacht moored in Gosport and used to pass Victory every time we sailed out of Portsmouth harbour. She never failed to impress me.
    Chris - if you ever get the chance grit your teeth and join the LONG queues and tour her - well worth it!
    Roger - she is beautiful - and surprisingly small.
    Shaunak - she certainly is.
    Beverley - 'Kiss me Hardy' and 'England expects . . .
    Rinkly Rimes - thank you.

  8. Such a famous and beautiful vessel.

    On behalf of the Team, thanks for your post.

  9. Dragonstar - thank you! It's my pleasure :-)

  10. How interesting that the Victory is still officially part of the navy. I'd love to tour the ship.

  11. Janie, much of the timber has had to be replaced over the years but she is still outstandingly beautiful.


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