Saturday, 5 December 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #81 Photo call!

Barry has photographed this Daddy Long-legs (Pholcus phalangioides) so many times recently that it thinks another photo call beckons every time the light goes on in our downstairs loo. As I washed my hands the other day it dropped down on a silken thread right in front of my face as if to say, 'I'm here . . . I'm ready . . . how do you want me?' It made me jump but I am definitely much steadier around spiders these days though I do look all around when I go into the small room and if there are too many arachnid visitors there I decide I need the exercise entailed in walking upstairs!
Daddy Long-legs spiders are found all year round in UK and are particularly common in the South. They are about 10mm long and eat mites and small insects. They can always be found in houses and sometimes in caves. Apparently if they are disturbed they shake their bodies so fast that they become a blur. Obviously ours are extremely relaxed around humans since we have never observed this behaviour!
I am quite fond of Daddy Long-legs - the name is attractive. I also loved the 1955 film of that name in which Fred Astaire starred with Leslie Caron. I could watch Fred Astaire dance for hours and never tire . . . and I like his pleasant light singing voice. You can watch him here.
Thank you to Tracy from 'Hey Harriet' for creating and hosting this meme.
What else has been casting shadows? Click here to find out!


  1. Nice shot!

    It's always nice to find people who aren't afraid of spiders and who don't squash them. Good for you, and for sharing a bit about them!

    Thank you.

  2. I love it! And I can just imagine him preening in front of you just so you get the perfect shot of him! And you did! And thanks for the memories of the Fred Astaire/Leslie Caron film! Hadn't thought of that one in years!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Daddy Long Legs is the only spider I'm not afraid of. Probably because I know it can't bite. :)
    Nice shadow of your long legged visitor!
    Round The Bend.

  4. Daddy Long Legs!! I remember I used to think that was a hilarious name for a spider when I was little! Great shadow shots these! I have no problem with these little delicate creatures either. Happy SSS! P.S. I love your header - did you take that shot? It's amazing!

  5. He looks rather handsome on that background. The colour suits him! I'm somebody who is afraid of spiders but I'm ok around Daddy Long-Legs (lots around my house too!). How scary can they be with such a cute name? ;)

  6. Deb - thank you! I've never been a spider-squasher or indeed a squasher of any living thing and I'm gradually overcoming my fairly mild form of arachnophobia - macro photography helps ;-)
    Sylvia - hope it evoked happy memories :-)
    Carletta - that certainly helps!
    Sam - thank you! The header shot was taken by my husband a few weeks ago - serendipity :-)
    Hey Harriet - snap! (see above re arachnophobia)

  7. I didn't know these spiders were called Daddy Long Legs too-but it makes sense! I have loads of them in my shed and they do shake themselves! Out of all types of spiders-these are the ones that don't really scare me much-they don't have that way of running at you that their big hairy cousins do! I have a few of these in the house I think. I like the way this one has posed for the shot!

  8. Sarah - I'm not quite so fascinated by the hairy monsters either - all those eyes glaring malevolently at me! Shudder!

  9. The orb of the moon in your header is just fabulous...however, the orb on the skinny lil' legs is GROSSSS!!!

    I hate spideys, what is it about the little creatures that just scare the BJESUS out of some of us???

  10. Happy SSS to you.
    You were brave to get so close!

  11. Friends Candle Shed - I think it's the colour and the way they suddenly scuttle out of dark corners and make us jump!
    Jen - it's amazing how close the camera allows you to get ;-)

  12. What KEWL subjects for your shadow shots this week!
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Ooooo...super creepy shadows...Karrie even ran & hid (she's so not a spider person!) Loved your pet pics above...very cute!!

  14. Thank you ladies - and sorry Karrie ;-)


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