Wednesday 22 March 2023

He's lost his voice

He's lost his voice

This is Gilbert's lion. He enjoys ragging it and it's beginning to look a little the worse for wear . . . 

. . . particularly at the back. 

This morning he was enjoying a good old rough and tumble with it, making it squeak loudly.

The squeaking seemed to increase in volume, which was a little strange, until I looked at Gilbert more closely and saw that lion and squeaker had parted company.

Gilbert looked a little disappointed, though not entirely surprised, when I prised the squeaker from his slavering jaws . . . no, I exaggerate . . . when I took it from his mouth. 

'You spoil all my fun,' he said.

Gilbert does not need assistance from a squeaker to make a noise. He is more than capable of making a lot of noise all by himself.

I cleared up the stuffing that had been generously spread around the sitting room. The lion is not noticeably slimmer and will look much the same as ever after I've repaired him, but, alas, he's lost his voice.

On a different note, I await fine, sunny weather so that Gllbert's toys can be washed and then quickly dried outside. It's one of life's little joys, to see toys hanging on the line.

p.s: Gilbert and his lion were almost the same size when Gilbert came to live with us!


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