Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A Quick One - Taking the Piss

Frodo the Faller has a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and has to return to the vet tomorrow for further urine tests. He, or rather the vet, needs a urine sample and my husband has just said to me, 'You're good at taking the piss!'

Ummm . . . yes . . . there's no denying that. I have to say it's much easier taking a urine sample from a dog than a bitch (or a male rather than a female - human, that is!)

Urine is good for other things too, of which more anon!


  1. Oh, I had such a laugh when I read this post, and boy did I need a laugh! Thankyou so much. we have almost always had bitches, they seemed easier to handle, and urine sample have caused many problems over the years. We now have a dog, and he will readily oblige whenever the need arises.Typical male!

  2. I must say he looked a bit worried as I followed him into the garden with a plastic box! However, once in 'full flow' there was nothing he could do . . . tee hee!


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