Monday 27 July 2009

Beans, beans, beans . . .

Green beans, runner beans, string beans, French beans, snap beans, shell beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)- whatever you may call them in your neck of the woods these elongated pods are sweet and delicious eaten young and raw, chopped into salads or stir-fried. When older they may be steamed, boiled, cooked in the microwave or added to casseroles.
They originate from South and Central America where they grow wild. Domesticated beans are larger; the earliest archaeological evidence of these is from 5500 BC in the mountains of North Peru.
As with so many vegetables the flowers are very pretty. Indeed some varieties are specially bred to produce attractive blooms.
I doubt we shall harvest more than half a dozen handfuls but we're pleased to see any that care to grow and treat them with the reverence they deserve . . . before devouring them . . . ;-)
Enough to tease the taste buds . . .


  1. I love beans yummie ......

  2. Hi Anya - after I posted that I went out to look for beans and ended up with a substantial handful. Indeed, some had grown so large they were more like broad beans. It's easy to miss them! I also found a young marrow . . .

  3. Well done! So, there's more to have a good meal!
    I'm growing some vegetables lately - bitter gourd, tomatoes and cucumbers. They are in the early stages.

  4. Good luck Keats. How do you use the bitter gourd?


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