Thursday 23 July 2009

Summer Holidays 2009

Gillian and the children arrived on Sunday to spend a couple of days with us. Paul remained at home to finish off some work before they head off to the south-west of France tomorrow for a cycling, walking, wind-surfing, camping holiday (sounds exhausting!)
Gillian brought a huge bag of fresh salad leaves from her Dorset garden complete with a myriad Dorset bugs. She also gave us a bunch of 'Thumbelina' carrots which are not the usual conical shape but more spherical. They taste delicious.

Yesterday they all went home to pack the last bits and pieces leaving Tia and Foxy behind with us for their holiday. No doubt we shall be taking many photographs . . .

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  1. I like the look of those round little carrots! Hope your family have a lovely time on their exhuasting sounding holiday!


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