Friday 10 July 2009

The Further Adventures of Frodo the Faller – something else to keep an eye on

'I seem to remember something interesting just along here . . . '

Frodo's urinary tract infection has responded to antibiotics and has now officially been cured. However his urine is 'rather dilute'.

'Has he been drinking more than usual?' the vet asked. The answer to that was, 'No, not really.' Obviously when it's hot he's inclined to consume more water and he always drinks when he paddles but he's not drinking excessively.

I think Frodo may be a hypochondriac. He reads the canine medical books, absorbs the symptoms of various diseases and reproduces them at regular intervals. He just likes the attention! The epilepsy is genuine, of course. No one would wish to develop that psychosomatically.

There's no doubt that, whatever the underlying causes of his various and thankfully fleeting disorders, Frodo the Faller has us at his beck and call. Sweet dog though! . . . and insured!!


  1. Take care Frodo,
    i will think about you :)

    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Frodo says: 'Thank you Kareltje - you sound as lovely as the cats I live with. I can't purr but I lick you gently.'


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