Wednesday 29 July 2009

Blood tests and pigs

Barry had to have a routine blood test a few weeks ago. When he phoned the surgery for the results he was told they had been lost by the laboratory and could he give them some more blood? So the appointment was made and then later changed by the surgery.

Eventually he went to have a sample taken early one morning which was just as well because it was a 'fasting' blood test. He noticed that the nurse didn't take as much as she had done before but thought no more about it. Today the surgery phoned, full of apologies because not enough of his blood had been siphoned off for the various tests to be conducted. Would it be possible for him to attend tomorrow morning?

Barry then explained that he has not been feeling very well for a couple of days and would rather not go out unless absolutely necessary. The receptionist asked him to describe his symptoms and then advised him to contact the NHS help line. After a short conversation it was confirmed that he has swine flu. There is nothing further to be done. He will remain in bed where he has been for the last two days, and continue taking paracetamol and plenty of fluids.

Now, I know I really shouldn't say this and I don't mean a word of it but I simply cannot resist . . . I always said he was a pig and now he's got the flu to prove it!


  1. Oh no, you'll have to let us know how he's doing. Poor guy but you made me laugh with that last shot. Do hope he feels better real soon. And what a game at the surgery, I am sure he didn't appreciate all the running around feeling the way he does.

  2. Denise, thank you for your concern. I really think he's feeling better as he's now eating a little. I felt bad when he said 'If I were a dog we'd have got me to the vet by now . . . ' I pointed out that dogs can't speak for themselves . . . lol!!

  3. I do hope Barry feels better soon, is there any difference to common flu?
    Mind you, what is common flu these days......
    I think your live traffic feed has got me as Enfield. :-/ unless it's someone

  4. What a palaver with the bloods! You'd think a nurse would know what was required. I had similar last year. They took plenty of blood....just put it in the wrong tube!

    Hope he's well on the mend.

  5. Dina - thank you for your well wishes. It's more like gastric flu and that's what we'd be calling it if we'd never heard of swine flu. The doctor Barry spoke to said there's a lot of gastro-intestinal 'disturbance' with it and the ailment can last between 10and 14 days. Guess how long Barry will have it? He did say he'd got the 'man' version though . . . ;-)
    as for the traffic feed - it is a bit odd isn't it?

    Sue - you made me laugh. How can they have put your blood in the wrong tube? It beggars belief . . .

  6. Thanks for that, i did not know, Man flu is very bad one of a


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