Wednesday 8 July 2009


The other day we lost the Eyecup to one of our cameras. (The Eyecup is the soft lining to the viewfinder which makes photography more comfortable.)

It's always potentially explosive when things are misplaced in our house because hunting causes such frustration. My method of searching is to lift up and replace or even – and here's a novel idea! – put away items. Barry's preferred technique is to impersonate a tumble dryer and turn things over and over. On this occasion, however, after not too much harrumphing, he exercised great self-control and ordered a replacement online.
This is the replacement Eyecup. It measures 5cm x 2cm and the packet is approximately 7cm x 11cm

This is the box in which it was packed.

The new Eyecup was delivered promptly in this box. The box measures 38cm x 30cm x 19cm. It was a very large box for such a small package!

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